LIFESTYLE 4 years ago

A Dream Come True

I’ve got some really exciting news.

This is something that my team and I have been working on and had to keep under wraps for what feels like ages now!

As well as one-of-a-kind Barbie, I was also given the honor of helping style two Barbies for the ‘Styled By’ Collection. When Mattel first approached me to be a part of this series I was speechless. The only other people who have been able to do a Styled By Barbie have been the amazing Iris Apfel and Marni Senofonte, so being able to be a part of such an inspiring group of women is just incredible. I’m not lying when I say I squealed with excitement. Aren’t they beautiful?

For this series, I was inspired by the modern woman. The modern woman does everything, there are no limits for her. She can have an amazing career and family, be a boss at work and at home. She can be strong yet vulnerable, assertive and kind… she has it all figured out but is still learning. Before I had my girls, I was totally career-focused… now that I have kids I understand that it’s okay to take breaks. I was able to discover my feminity and I think that’s the beauty of the modern woman. There’s not one thing to define her.


So when Mattel asked me to create two Barbies for their Styled By Series, I knew I had to do an Asian Barbie! Growing up, I wasn’t really able to identify with any of the dolls I had to play with. It means so much to me that my girls can feel like they are seen.

The one girl who has been by my side since the beginning has been Laura, who you probably already recognize! She’s inspired me since day one with her perseverance, work ethic, and overall kindness. So it seemed only fitting that the second doll would be inspired by Laura! She’s a beautiful curvy Latina, and like me- she didn’t grow up with dolls that looked like her.

Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures, neither of us grew up with representation, so it makes this moment that much more important to us.



From the days when Laura and I used to work job to job and paycheck to paycheck, it’s incredible to see how far we’ve come.  Hopefully, our stories have inspired you to fight for your dreams and let your voices be heard. With that said, something as small as having a Barbie that you can identify with means so much… and I’m so proud that I’m able to share this project with you guys.

The most exciting part is that you can have a limited edition ‘Styled By Chriselle Lim’ doll of your very own! For you, for your daughter, your son, niece, nephew, little cousin… everyone! PS: these make for kind of the best Christmas present ever!! PS: did you notice that the background of the packaging is the office?

So click here to shop! Remember, they’re limited quantity so they’re going to go FAST!




Photography by Karla Ticas