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Q&A With A List Celebrity Dermatologist Dr. Lancer

Happy Sunday!

If you watched the most recent Catching Up with Chris episode, you know that I had the pleasure of getting Victoria Beckham’s facial and meeting with the one and only Dr. Lancer! Not only does he treat mega-stars like Victoria Beckham, JLO, Ryan Seacrest and other celebrities that we’re not allowed to talk about, but he’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything about skin. I got a chance to sit down with him during my visit and ask some highly anticipated questions from your DMS and from myself! Keep scrolling to see if your question was answered!

Question: What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?

Answer: When it comes to acne scars, it all depends on your age, skin type, type of scar, location of the scar(s) and many other variables. There are a lot of topical treatments such as advanced retinol, color corrective and body polishes that can be used. Similarly, there are skin care programs followed by laser treatments that help get rid of acne scars but each case is different, so to find a solution that works best for you – consult your dermatologist!

Q: What are the best ways to treat under-eye bags and get firmness back?

A: It all depends on where the bags are and what causes them. There are ‘festoons’, which are muscles under the eyes that get weakened, there’s herniated fat that pushes forward, loose skin and water retentions. Depending on your skin type, treatments vary- such as topical treatments, laser treatments, radiofrequency, ultrasonic or surgical treatments. There are a lot of options!

As far as instant fixes go, egg whites are great at-home treatment! As they dry, they help make that delicate skin tighter. Cold aloe, tea bags, and ice cubes are also great.

Q: One Skincare Tip you Want Everyone To Know:

A: Follow a program to solve the problem. It’s important to be able to pinpoint what you want to change then follow through with a skincare program to help. Vague requests like ‘ wanting to look younger’ are similar to being hungry then eating the first thing you get your hands on.

Another tip is to do your research when it comes to finding a dermatologist. Finding someone who’s ‘Board Certified’ isn’t enough. You want someone who’s a board-certified dermatologist, but also a residency trained skin expert.


Q: What’s a safe age for botox?

A: Look, when you’re thinking about getting botox you have to ask yourself why you want to get it. The thing is, when you start getting botox, it makes the muscles around your face lazy because they don’t have to work that hard anymore. If you’re within the ages between 18-21 and thinking about getting it I would say you’re too young but if you insist on getting it, consult with your dermatologist for anti-aging advice and what measures to follow and go from there. The one thing you have to know about preventative botox is that as you use it, those muscles that produce lines end up being paralyzed and dependent on the botox. So doing it too early and too frequently can backfire. Oftentimes patients don’t need botox but they WANT it. Know the difference between those two.

Q: We need to know- what do Victoria Beckham and J LO use from your line?

A: As well as using the Basic Polish Cleanse, the Caviar Lime Acid Peel, the Radiance Awakening Mask and the Legacy for both face and eye (which were both in Chriselle’s facial) they also have incredibly disciplined lifestyles. Everything from their diets to exercise help keeps their skin looking radiant.

It all comes down to your lifestyle pillars. There’s High-Quality Skin Maintenance, Rest & Relaxation, Exercise, and Diet. All pillars work together, and it’s all about discipline!

Q: Just how much does diet affect your skin?

A: Diet has everything to do with your skin. It’s things like salt, dairy products, sugar, and caffeine that are big offenders. Having a clean diet and eating your leafy greens help everything from your gut to your face.

Q: What are the best ways to combat blue light and pollution?

A: SPF is major! I also recommend some sort of air filter. Diet once again plays a big part in protecting your body and your skin from pollutants. Having a vitamin-rich diet helps your body’s natural defenses against outside pollution.


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A huge thank you to Dr. Lancer & his team for having me! So are you all ready to work towards achieving your best skin yet?

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