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How to Survive Your Period

It’s a universal truth: periods suck.

You’re too hot, you’re too cold… you’ve got cramps, you’ve got a breakout, you’re bloated, you’re irritable… the list goes on. For a varying amount of days each month, we’d just rather not, thanks. But life must go on. The girls on the CINCteam and I gathered everything you need to make that time of the month a little more bearable.

Keep scrolling for our tips on how to actually survive your period every month (yes, we’re being slightly dramatic):


1. Pain Relief

Here at The Chriselle Factor, we’re big believers in CBD! We even call Jane, our Editorial Director, our very own CBD Fairy as she’s the first to suggest using CBD lotion or oil! If you remember from this post here– she talked about her first time trying CBD was using it to soothe her cramps during her period. It’s safe to say she’s never looked back or touched a Midol since!

Just a little bit of the oil or lotion on your stomach or lower back (or really anywhere else you might be feeling discomfort) seriously works! Hannah even uses the oil on her temples when she has migraines!

If you’re feeling adventurous, the CBD Gummies from Lord Jones are another CINCteam favorite for that time of the month. They taste like candy and give you a very mild chill. Since they’re non-psychoactive, you don’t get or feel any kind of body high.

2. Mask O’Clock

There’s truly a mask for everything, but right now the License to Chill Mask from Anese is on rotation. It’s all natural and infused with relaxing eucalyptus oil that helps detox your skin which is great for those period prone breakouts. It also works as a great spot treatment. Masking while you’re on your period while watching a chick-flick/ rom-com just feels so right

3. Bath Time

If you tend to have bad cramps during that time of the month, a bath is just what the doctor ordered. The warm water is super soothing and actually helps relieve menstrual cramps and ease muscular tension. While a warm bath with some bubbles (a rubber duck won’t hurt either, just saying) feels amazing… adding some bath salts is a great way to indulge and really chill out“The Martini” Bath Salts from Goop is a team favorite. It’s made with Himalayan pink salt and chia seed oil which helps relieve tension and relax your muscles. You can’t go wrong with good old Epsom salts either!

4. Get Comfy

Comfort is key for surviving your period. Light your favorite candle or maybe some incense and just relax. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes before bed! A heating pad like this one is great for soothing cramps and the right pair of underwear can mean the difference between irritation ~down there~ and smooth sailing. While I love a good piece of lingerie as much as the next girl, whenever I’m on my period, I’ll always reach for a pair of cotton undies. Cotton is super breathable, won’t irritate and above all else – just super comfortable! This pair from Entireworld is an office favorite.

5. Zap Your Zits


So, do you have any tips for surviving your period every month? Let us know in the comments below! We would also like to prescribe some chocolate and a good ol’ Rom Coms to get you through the week Aunt Flow decides to come to visit

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