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LIFESTYLE 8 months ago

Answering All of Your Career Questions

I’m constantly asked about my career.

Between questions about how I got started, to questions about my CINCteam, my collection and CINC studios– my DM’s are constantly flooded with your most pressing career questions.

So earlier this week, I decided to open up the floor to you guys and let you guys ask me anything you wanted to know! Of course, there’s no way I would be able to answer all of them but I gathered a few to answer today on the blog!

Keep scrolling to check out my answers.

1. How can you find opportunities for fashion if you live in a small town?

I grew up in a small town and I first got my start in fashion by working retail! Although many people may not think retail is a ‘fashion opportunity,’ I definitely believe it is. Now that I’m running a team and have my own collection, there are so many things that I learned during my time in retail about customer service and working with a large team that I apply and use now.

I also truly believe in the power of creating your own opportunities. The first college I went to had a small fashion group that would meet once a week! I gained so many friends, and we kept in touch and networked and found a way to create the opportunity ourselves!

2. How do you structure your team meetings? Do you have an agenda? Do you meet weekly?

We have a weekly Monday morning meeting! We always make a point to meet at the beginning of the week so we can set our intentions for the week and go over our goals and to-do lists.

The meeting usually starts with me speaking about an overarching goal that I want to achieve for that week or month, then we segue into the individual teams. For example, the editorial team will give a recap of the previous week’s performance and talk about what’s coming up and the video team will do the same.

We also talk about hits and misses- and what we can learn from them moving forward.

3. How do you network and keep contacts?

I actually have an entire blog post about networking! Though I might not seem like it, I’m really an introvert at heart, so finding a way to work through being uncomfortable and make small talk was something that I really had to work on! Click HERE to read my Networking 101 post!

4. How to did you become so integrated into the fashion world? Was it networking? Timing?

A little bit of both! To be honest, there’s never a convenient time or “good time” to get things started. I think I just continually put myself out there and was lucky enough to hit a sweet spot and build off that momentum! Being consistent and consistently networking is key.

Like I said above, I’m naturally an introvert but just remember- if you’re feeling uncomfortable, it means you’re growing and those feelings are slight growing pains which is actually something I have to remember to this day.

5. How do you handle self-doubt or questions if you’re doing the right thing at work?

I think it’s normal to doubt yourself at times, especially if you’re doing something new. I had to teach myself to turn negatives into positives. If I’m having feelings of self-doubt, it means I’m doing something right and going into uncharted territory. Constantly trying new things and knowing that it may or may not means I’ve already succeeded!

The name of the game is always pushing yourself and trying new things, and not getting comfortable.

6. How do you manage a day job while creating content on a regular basis?

I had to manage a day job and school when I was first started out. It was challenging to say the least. Time management was the number one thing for me along with being able to organize my schedule and staying on top of my responsibilities was huge.

Another thing I would do is shoot mass content. For example, for my outfit posts, I would style everything ahead of time and work with my photographer to shoot everything in one day so I would have content ready to push out for the next few weeks.

7. Did you always know the path you wanted to take or did you fall into it?

I always knew I wanted to be doing something in fashion and I tried everything. I started with a merchandise marketing major in college because I wanted to be a buyer then. Then, I tried PR and soon realized I wasn’t into publicity. Then I went into styling right around the start of social media. I honestly thought I was going to be a stylist for the rest of my life until my blog and YouTube channel took off!

So my path wasn’t technically planned- but it definitely worked out for the best!

8. How can I start making an income through my interests?

I think you have to put in the work and understand that there’s a big chance you won’t make any money at first! If you absolutely love something and you’re passionate about it and would happily do it without making money- then the money will eventually come. Chase passion; not money.

With that said- you need a plan. You need to be able to support yourself and keep a roof over your head and work on your craft when you have the time.

In this day and age, we’re so lucky to be able to have so many online resources and platforms to be able to market yourself and your skill/product. Whether that’s with Youtube, Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, Amazon- there are so many ways to put yourself out there and gauge interest!

9. What was the greatest business risk you took in your earlier days?

The biggest risk I took was hiring my first employees and getting an office before I could even afford it! It was the push I needed because at that point- I didn’t have a choice BUT to make it!

I landed my first big job as an ‘influencer’ and with the money I made I knew I could either buy more clothes, save, or invest in my business. I chose to invest!

10. Was there ever a time you were really struggling financially and how did you get through it?

Yes! I was broke for the first three years of my business. No one knows this because it didn’t look like I was broke, but I was paying my staff and not paying myself! Luckily, at the time, Allen was able to support me because I wasn’t bringing home a paycheck. I never felt comfortable with that because we weren’t married then, but I’m forever grateful that he was able to help me with things like gas and groceries.

Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business!

11. How do you create boundaries with your co-workers? How formal/informal are you with your team?

I have a team of 13 people- which means it’s a very small and intimate team. I’m sure it’s different within larger companies but we’re all very close with each other. We pretty much do everything together, but at the same time, I know when it comes to business and getting their work done, I know they can handle it.

I’m sure as the team grows, we’ll have to draw some more boundaries but I love the trust and intimate relationship we all have. We’re still able to be inappropriate and talk about personal problems… we’re like one big family!

Are there any other topics you guys want me answer? Let me know down below and have a great weekend!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Blazer: Isabel Marant (Similar Here) | Skirt: Isabel Marant | Bag: Roger Vivier

*note- questions were edited for length/clarity

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Answering All of Your Career Questions

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