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Must-Have Baby List for New Moms

I pretty much worked until the week of my due date.

The last few months were pretty insane and having all of these big projects happen all at the same time was definitely not intentional. It was right after we launched the Chriselle Lim Collection that I had a soft panic attack. I realized that I was only 2 weeks out from my due date and had absolutely nothing prepared!

Literally nothing! I had given all of the baby stuff from Chloe away to friends and family who were having babies. You would think I would have remembered everything that I needed but I couldn’t remember a single thing…. mommy-brain is REAL.

That’s when I wished I could have had a single master list of all of the best and most needed items for new moms and a newborn. So, I decided to ask my amazing IG followers via the “ask me anything” feature on stories! I asked what the most important products and items to have for a newborn… and you guys answered! I got so many responses… I discovered some new products through you guys but also some old favorites that I had forgotten about since Chloe’s birth. I condensed down all of the answers you guys gave me and picked the top 20 to share.

These are baby products that I’m currently using right now as we speak with Colette and wouldn’t be able to go a day without them!


Medela Pump
If you are planning on breastfeeding, you definitely need a good pump. There are a lot of good ones out there but I decided to stick to the traditional Medela Pump as it’s the one I used with Chloe and your insurance usually covers and sends you one!

Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump 
This one is actually amazing and really easy to carry around as it’s a manual pump. There are no parts and no large machine. It’s one tiny little pump that’s so efficient. You just suction it to your breast and let the pump do the work! Great for traveling, for work, and if you’re on the go. I like having both the Haakaa and Medela pump so I have the option of using either or.

Earth Mama Nipple Butter
This is best nipple cream. Totally necessary when breastfeeding as your nipples will get sore, chapped, and dry. I apply the nipple butter at least 3 times a day and let it soak in. It’s like skincare for your nipples! Also, it’s all natural and totally ok for baby to taste it in his/her mouth. I actually tried some just to make sure! Also, it works really great as a moisturizer for the skin and also for your lips as well. I’ve actually replaced my usual balm with this for my lips because it’s so soothing and moisturizing.

Earth Mama Perineal Spray
This mist is a must-have after a vaginal delivery as most women (including myself) are in discomfort and in pain down in that area for a few weeks to a few months. It’s a mix of cooling organic cucumber, witch hazel, lavender, and peppermint. This may be TMI, but I literally use this after every toilet visit.

Cotton Candy Nursing Bras
Love this seamless and wireless stretchy nursing bra. I’m pretty much feeding all day around the clock so the nursing bra I’m in has to be super comfortable. It has quick release clasps making it super easy to go about feeding during the day and in the middle of the night.

Lansinoh Nursing Pad
This pad is another absolute necessity if you’re breastfeeding. You don’t want to be caught leaking through your shirt in the middle of the day!

Tucks Medicated Hemorrhoidal Pads
These pads are another must-have if you had a vaginal delivery. They are pretty much cooling pads soaked in witch hazel that will help with any swelling and soreness. At the hospital, they’ll usually give you some but I definitely went through my hospital batch quickly and made sure to order more on Amazon.

This is something that might be overlooked because it doesn’t seem like your typical need as a new mom but trust me you will be LIVING in your robe for the first few weeks. I don’t think I threw on normal clothes until I had to leave the house (which was my first doctor’s visit). I literally lived in my Eberjey robe and PJs. I got the Gisele tuxedo robe which is the softest and lightest fabric you can find as a robe, but it’s also super chic.

For Momma


Baby Bjorn Bassinet
The bassinet is currently one of the best and most used baby things in the house! I mean, aside from the diapers of course! Colette is sleeping most of the day, so this bassinet is a lifesaver. It’s super lightweight so I can move it from room to room depending on where I need to be. Colette also sleeps in this bassinet at night. It has a gentle rocking motion to it and has breathable mesh sides allowing air to flow in and out. I also love that it’s aesthetically super clean and chic too!

Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper
This was actually one of the most popular items that my followers mentioned over and over again on Instagram. It’s an inclined sleeper and infant seat that helps babies sleep. The first few nights, we couldn’t get Colette to take a nap and she finally fell asleep in this sleeper! It rocks back and forth, has a calming vibration to it, white noise, and even lullabies!

The Boppy
I had this one with Chloe and we knew we had to have it again. It’s great to just have it around the house so you can have the baby lounging around. It’s basically like a little couch for infants!

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow
A total necessity for breastfeeding mamas. This will help support your back, neck, and also free your hands while you breastfeed.

AVENT Bottle Sterilizer 
I rebought this sterilizer as we also used this sterilizer with Chloe. It’s affordable, easy to use, and gets the job done!

Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack
Another one of those products that we used religiously when we had Chloe. This sits on our kitchen countertop next to the sink and all the baby’s bottles get dried on here.

Wubbanub Pacifier 
I never had to use a pacifier with Chloe but with Colette, it’s a different story! Even when she’s not drinking milk she wants to suck on something! I love this pacifier because it’s easy to grasp and nearly impossible to lose. This was another one a lot of my followers suggested on IG so thank you all for that! I love it!

Pampers Diapers
You can never get enough diapers! We’ve been using Pampers for years now and they’ve been a family favorite.

Swaddle Me Original
This is honestly the best swaddle if you are not a professional swaddler. I would always get so frustrated with how the nurses at the hospital could swaddle the babies so perfectly tight. This swaddle is so easy to use and keeps your baby in that tight burrito sack!

Diaper Genie

A must-have if you don’t want stinky diapers to take over the odor of your house! I don’t know a single mom that doesn’t use this! It’s a must-have!

For Baby

Allen, Chloe, and I are so happy to have Colette home and all of these products have made the transition of having a new born around again so much easier.

So, I hope all of you new mommas and mommas-to-be find this helpful! If you’re not pregnant, please send this to someone who is!

If you have any products that you highly recommend, I’d love to hear them. Drop a comment down below and have a great day! PS: How cute is our little foot model? Thanks for letting us steal baby Maxwell’s toes, Lauren!

Photography by Drew Scott