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LIFESTYLE 8 months ago

Everything I Learned from My Digital Detox

“How do you stay inspired and how do you do it all?”

I was recently asked that very question on a panel in Chicago a few weeks ago. (Did you see the post about Create & Cultivate on my Instagram?) And to be completely realistic, it’s hard to stay inspired every waking moment and it’s hard to do it all. So lately, I’ve really been taking advantage of just disconnecting. Some of you might remember the family vacation I took to Hawaii a couple months ago and guess what? I didn’t turn on my phone for THREE whole days. Yep, three entire days! It was amazing at how good it felt to recharge.

So here’s what I learned during my digital detox:

1. You’ve Got to Make the Time

Sure, it sounds like a great idea in theory- but you’ve got to actually put it into practice. I was lucky enough to have a vacation that I could use as an excuse to disconnect, but sometimes you actually have to schedule it in. Whether that be your google calendar, into your phone as a reminder, your mental calendar… however you keep track of it all, you have to make the time. Maybe it’s over a weekend? Maybe it’s just one day? Even two hours of being completely off the grid and present can do wonders.


2. Actually Turn off Your Phone
You know that thing that’s constantly in your hand? Turn it off. It’s so easy to fall back into the subconscious habit of grabbing and scrolling and it’s much harder to disconnect when you can still be attached to a screen. So actually try leaving your phone at home! And if that’s too much, try airplane phone for a few hours! You need to cut off any distractions and will be surprised how refreshed you’ll feel.

3. Create Space
Working in a creative field means I need to create on demand. Between last minute projects and the constant outpour of ideas, it leaves my head feeling very cluttered. So when I detox, I essentially need to ‘declutter’ my mind. I think I’m most productive sometimes when I just sit and do nothing, I’m just creating space to think and ideate.


4. Expect Withdrawals
You’ll definitely have withdrawals, maybe even within the first ten minutes! Our phones + technology are an addiction, but after the first day of having my phone off- I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore! You just have to fight through those initial urges. Once you get to a place that you don’t need it at all, you’ll be able to fully disconnect and, in turn, connect with what your body needs you to do. For me, it was sleep and being able to spend unfiltered and uninterrupted time with my family. But for you, it might be being more present in the moment, meditation, or even some full-on creativity.

5. You’ll Come Back Excited to Reconnect
I don’t know if you guys have ever felt like you’re scrolling just to scroll, but I have. After a while, everything just seems so uninspiring! That’s where I was at before my digital detox- basically on the brink of burning out completely. After I disconnected and finally tuned back in, I was so excited to see what everyone was creating and I felt more inspired than I had in a long time! Don’t let social media drain you.

It might sound foreign and scary, but I think you need a digital detox whether you know it or not! I really urge you to try and truly try disconnecting.

PS: be sure to let a few people know you’re going off the radar so they don’t freak out when they can’t reach you!

So are you guys ready to disconnect? Let me know if you’re planning on doing a digital detox in the comments below!

Photography by Karla Ticas | Hair & Makeup by Leibi Carias
Location: La Peer Hotel

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Everything I Learned from My Digital Detox

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