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The Most Versatile Outfit Ever Part 2

Hey guys! It’s Hannah back on the blog today!

If you guys follow me on Instagram (if you don’t- then click here!) you know that I just got back from Tulum with some friends! Besides being an absolutely incredible trip, it made me fall in love with t-shirt dresses all over again. I threw mine over my bathing suit as a cover-up, I wore it with tennis shoes to go down for breakfast and I even threw on some cute sandals to wear it to dinner!

It got me thinking of all of the other ways I could wear a t-shirt dress- so naturally, I wanted to share! A few months ago I did a post called The Most Versatile Outfit Ever, where I styled black jeans and a white top and you guys loved it! I thought I’d give it a summer makeover with a t-shirt dress! So without further ado, here’s the Most Versatile Outfit Part 2!


Blazer + Loafters = Meetings

A t-shirt dress is inherently casual, so to dress it up for something more formal or business-y-, I threw a classic camel blazer on! It adds a masculine touch and totally edges up my basic cotton shift dress. The loafers show I mean buisness and I’m ready to go!


Sandals + Wicker Bag = Brunch

Ah, brunch. The best part of the weekend, in my humble opinion. So what to wear while scarfing down bacon? A t-shirt dress, of course! My brunch plans with friends are usually decided over ambitiously  around 1:30 in the morning so I try to sleep as much as possible before running out the door to meet them. So an easy breezy t-shirt dress, some lace-up sandals and a wicker bag (which you might remember from this post here!) are the perfect way to instantly look put together with little to no effort. 

Leather Jacket + Buckle Heels = Dinner

I’m a firm beliver that a leather jacket is the ultimate accessory. This one here I got from the H&M Kid’s section a few years ago and I’ve pretty much been wearing it non-stop since! It edges up my t-shirt dress and gives it a more night-time look. Some comfortable block heels and I’m ready for dinner (and drinks)!

Chucks = Errands

Groceries, the bank, dry-cleaner… all monontonous but all necessary. That means I want to think about my outfit as little as possible. Enter: Converse. Comfortable, easy, classic and chic. What’s not to love?

Denim Jacket + Simple Heels = Date

A date is the perfect excuse for me to break out some heels. I like these because they’re simple and the nude color makes my legs like miles long. To balance the dressiness of the heels, I threw a denim jacket on and boom- I’m date night ready!

So have I convinced you to invest in some t-shirt dresses? Shop some of my picks down below and have a great day!

x Hannah

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