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Beauty 4 months ago

My Summer Glow Routine 🍊

Happy Monday, everyone!

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend! I’ve received so many DM’s about my summer makeup situation so I wanted to share a step by step breakdown along with this video of my go-to look that I’ve been wearing pretty much non-stop this season.

Although a lot of people have been complimenting me on my pregnancy glow and radiant skin; the reality is…is that i’m faking it with my makeup because my skin actually gotten a lot worse with this pregnancy. So, I thought I would share how I achieve this faux glowly look on today’s post.

Keep scrolling to see my step by step tutorial on how to get that summer glow and let me know if you’re going to go coral anytime soon. 🍊

  1.  Primer. The primer I’ve been using is this Brightening Youth Glow by Charlotte Tilbury. I’m usually not one to use a primer but because I need to add the glow back into my skin, I’ve been using this one which has a nice sheen to it. So, no matter if you wear it alone or under foundation, it gives you a much more radiant base to work with and does not feel greasy. It’s the perfect amount of sheen without looking like a total greaseball.
  2. BB Cream and/or foundation. So I’ve been obsessed with Shu Uemura products which is kind of a bummer since they’re not really sold in the states. When I went to Asia this year, I really stocked up on my Shu Uemura products especially these two products shown that I’ve been obsessed with and are total game changers for my skin. On an average day (no shoots or events), I’ll stick to the bb cushion. It has so much coverage but gives you a really nice glowly after finish. It kind of melts into your skin so you don’t feel greasy like a lot of bb creams tend to do. I’ve used a lot of bb creams and my issue with them is that they either make you look too dewy aka too oily looking and/or they don’t do the job with coverage. This one has been a favorite of mine and I’m already almost out! Now, if I’m shooting or going out for the evening and I want to give my skin extra love, I’ll use the Shu Uemura Lightbulb Essence Foundation. This foundation is really unique because it has oil in the foundation so it already gives you an insane amount of moisture and actually feels like an oil on your skin versus a foundation which feels really nice. I’ve never experienced such an insane amount of glow within a foundation! Also, it has SPF 45 which is obvisouly great for the summer. This foundation makes you super glowly so you’ll need to add powder to the areas you tend to get more oily (i.e your T-Zone.
  3. Eyes.  I’ve been obsessed with this Huda Beauty Palette. I’ve been hearing all the rage around it but never really believed it until I got my hands on it. I love the amount of coral tones this palette has in it.

4.  Blush. Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Blush. I actually thought this was a lip product when I first got it but it ended up being a really lightweight blush in a coral color which I’ve bene dabbing on my cheeks for a really natural blush look.

5. Lips. This YSL lipstick is more of a lip balm base that’s more glossy and hydrating in a nice tinted coral color.

6. Highlighter. This Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is literally the only highlighter I’ve been using the past 3 months. It has 3 different shades in it but I end up mixing all 3 together because I don’t really know which one I love the most. I love that it really works to give you that pop of highlight on your cheekbones.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below and have a great Monday!

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My Summer Glow Routine 🍊

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