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How to Treat a Sunburn

It happens to the best of us.

Even the most diligent of sunscreen appliers and the most paranoid hat wearers: a sunburn. While you might be doing everything possible to avoid it, sh*t happens and then you’re toasty. So what now? The CINCteam and I did some research and found the best ways to bring your lobster face (or body) back to life after too many hours or piña coladas in the sun.

What exactly is sunburn? Breaking it down, it’s your skin’s reaction to the sun’s UV rays. After a while in the sun, your cells lose moisture and hydration, which makes your skin feel tight and the redness is caused from the extra blood in the capillaries. While your skin cells slowly develop more melanin as a protection against the rays, aka a tan, it’s still damaging to your skin.

So what do you do when you get a sunburn? First, get out of the sun! Shade is your BFF. Then, put down the piña coladas and drink some water- you need to hydrate! Then, use some of these products to help soothe the sunburn:

After Sun Gel

Okay, this after sun gel from Sun Bum is a lifesaver. If you’re even a LITTLE bit red, you should instantly reach for this. Pro tip: keep it in the fridge so when you use it it’ll be nice and cool. Made with aloe, it’s super soothing and helps rehydrate your skin all while helping to prevent future peeling. Trust me; your skin will feel instant relief! Also, buy this ahead of time just in case.



After the initial redness wears off, your skin is going to be dry. Like bone dry. So it’s time to rehydrate.

Whenever I know I need to add some intense moisture back into my skin, I go for super hydrating products and products that are good for sensitive skin. No matter what skin type you might have, with a sunburn- the more gentle the products, the better.

When it comes to cleansers, I like this one from Joanna Vargas. It’s made for sensitive skin with chamomile and is super gentle and hydrating. It also smells like a dream, which makes sense because it’s called the Cloud Bar! After cleansing, I grab this Hydra-Cool serum from iS Clinical and this African Botanics Repair Balm. The Hydra-Cool serum refreshing and soothing and packed full of hydration. It feels weightless and has centella asiatica, a super antioxidant that helps heal and prevent aging. This Repair Balm is 100% natural and just melts into your skin. It’s a beautiful balm that will hydrate your skin, even out your skin tone and add radiance.

This soothing cream from Avene is a great way to wear SPF and hydrate at the same time! So not only can you get the sun protection your face needs, but you can get a great moisturizer too. This product is also great to wear on a daily not-sunburned basis and feels like creamy milk on your skin.

Bring Moisture Back

You know I’m going to have a sheet mask in this post! For intense hydration, these masks from Skinesque are like a full facial. It’s a three step sheet mask which has a cleanser, an essence and a sheet mask. It’s like getting a whole new face!

Speaking of your face, don’t forget your lips! While you’re out in the sun, be sure to wear a lip balm with an SPF in it like this one! If your lips need some love after a day in the sun, this Magic Cream is, well, magical! It’s super hydrating and clears up chapped lips overnight. You can also add it to any dry patches you may have on the rest of your body.

Last but not least, this nutrient concentrate from Susan Kaufmann is like a first class ticket to getting your skin back after a sunburn. Soothing? Check. Hydrating? Check. Aloe? Check. Hyaluronic Acid? Check. Paraben free? Check!  Add this in the morning and at night and see your skin be restored to its natural balance in no time.

So like I said before, sunburns happen. But always, always be wearing sunscreen! Do you guys have any tips for sunburn relief? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

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Photography by Karla Ticas | Hair & Makeup by Leibi Carias | Location: The Hollywood Roosevelt Tropicana Pool & Café

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