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5 Minute 3 Product Makeup

Hey guys, it’s Hannah back on the blog today!

Like I talked about in this post here– I’ve gotten really good at minimizing the number of makeup products I travel with. So good in fact, that I’ve been able to create a full makeup look with just three products. Yes, you read that right, three. products.

Don’t get me wrong, I love using all of my products and brushes and putting on a great playlist and taking my time to get ready, but sometimes being more simple is better! Using multi-purpose products, and getting creative means that I can stretch the life of my makeup and cut my getting ready time in half.

Keep scrolling to see the products I use!


I start with this foundation stick from NARS. It’s super creamy and blends very easily. I try to use foundation only on my red spots, which is usually around my nose and chin. I’ll either blend it in with my fingers or the handy-dandy sponge on the other side of the stick!

I love this foundation stick because the product melts effortlessly into my skin and to be totally honest… if I’m having a good skin day, I just won’t wear any at all!


Multi sticks are honestly the best beauty invention ever. I have this one from Bite Beauty in two shades and I love them both very much. The shade I used for this look is called Mascarpone and it’s a super pretty salmon-y pink color which is perfect for an easy effortless summer look. I used the multi-stick for my eyeshadow, blush and my lipstick! The formula is super easy to blend and adds the perfect buildable wash of color!


I was just recently introduced to this mascara and oh my goodness where has it been all my life. It lengthens, adds volume and doesn’t smudge. I accidentally jumped into the pool with this on last weekend and it still didn’t budge! To give this product double-duty, I used it *very lightly* on my eyebrows to shape them and add a darker tint! The first time I ever saw someone do this was at a school retreat my senior year of high school and it blew my mind. Of course, it works for me because I have pretty dark eyebrows, so sorry to my blondies!

And there you go, in less than five minutes and using only three products, I can throw on a full face of makeup! All of the products are slim and easy to pack, so that means I can throw them into an overnight bag, or even into my purse in case I don’t wake up at home ( 😉 ) and need to throw on some makeup!


Are you guys going to try my three-product makeup look? Let me know below!

x Hannah 

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