Outfits 3 years ago

This is the Only Thing that Fits Me Right Now

So much of my life recently has been trying to find something that fits my pregnant belly.

When I say ‘this is the only thing that fits me right now’ I really do mean it! I’ve been holding out for as long as possible to buy any maternity clothes, so I’ve been turning my closet upside down to find anything that can fit comfortably over my growingbelly.

Slip dresses are one of my closet must-haves no matter what, so it’s only fitting that they’ve been my go-to since I’ve been pregnant. They’re loose, breezy, and easy to wear which is perfect as the temperatures start rising here in Los Angeles. Not to mention that they drape perfectly over my growing tummy!

A lot of the slip dresses I have are in a size small, but they’re a little oversized so it works perfectly for my pregnant belly situation right now. They won’t fit me for much longer because even now I can feel the fabric stretching lol!

Since slip dresses (even ones with a gorgeous print like this one) are pretty simple, I’ve been heavily relying on some good accessories to spruce up my look. A sleek blazer, a killer bag, some badass shoes and shades and boom- you’ve taken your slip dress to the next level.

I’ll probably break down and buy some maternity clothes here soon, but for now, I’m loving my dresses!

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