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How to Prepare for an Interview

Hi Everyone! It’s Linette back on the blog today. If you’re currently preparing for an interview – first of all, congrats! Now that you’ve passed the first ‘test’ with your resume (hopefully the tips in one of my previous posts were helpful), here are some pointers to consider for your upcoming interview.
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1. Research the Company

Check out the company’s website, LinkedIn page, and any recent press articles. If you have any friends or people in your extended network that have worked at the company – ask if you can set up a 30-minute coffee to get to know the company culture and values. Bonus – look up the person that you’ll be interviewing with (this is more to have an understanding of their role/background and not to rattle off personal details from stalking them!).

2. Understand What the Job Description Entails

If you’re familiar with the role and it’s a lateral move – you should already know what the position is about (which is great). If it’s a new or stretch role, make sure you understand what type of profile they are looking for, how you can add value, and a decent understanding of what the responsibilities will be.

3. Do a ‘Social’ Sweep

Make sure your social channels are not ‘incriminating’ and there are no posts you’d be embarrassed by (otherwise, time to some purging). It’s also a good opportunity to use your platforms as a visual reference of who you are, your interests outside the office, and what you stand for.
4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Plan your outfit at least 2-3 days in advance in case you realize you need to take something to the cleaners, fix a shoe, etc. While you’re running through notes for the interview, wear the entire outfit to make sure you can comfortably sit, walk, and move. I recommend doing this in front of a mirror so you can see your speech patterns when practicing answers, note your gestures, and assess how the ensemble looks. Also, test your makeup. I always make sure my eyeliner and lipstick doesn’t budge over time – it’s one less thing to worry about so you can stay focused and confident!

5. Get Your Docs In a Row

Make sure your resume is up to date, print copies, and put them in a folder. I know this sounds old school but it’s better to have clean, crisp documents on hand to show you’ve thoughtfully prepared. You’ll also need to bring (or make copies) of your IDs. If you want to be extra prepared – have a list of references to leave behind if they request.

6. Map Your Time

If you’re able to, check out what the commute is like to the company. It’s best to know in advance if there’s a lot of traffic or construction in the area ahead of time, what the best / backup route is, etc. You’ll want to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance. Note – I also recommend checking in 15 minutes in advance and not earlier (if the interviewer is in a meeting, it can be distracting that someone is too early and waiting for them).
Would love to know any tips you have for preparing for an interview – please be sure to share in the comments below!


Photography by Xin Wang