Beauty 5 years ago

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Sandal season is here which means those feet better be looking g-o-o-d and feeling fresh! The CINCteam and I put together some of our favorite tips and tricks together to help you guys to put your best foot forward.

Get Rid of Dead Skin

After a long winter covered with boots and socks, your feet are probably pretty dry and maybe a bit crusty. So, first things first- you’ve got to get rid of all that dry cracked skin that’s built up calluses on your heels. A pumice stone like this one is super cheap and really helps get your feet soft by getting rid of the dead skin on your feet (it works on your elbows too). But to get some MAJOR dead skin off that’s probably been there for a few years,  let me introduce you to this foot peel!

It’s basically a foot mask that peels all the grossness off your feet after a few days! And trust me when I say it really works. We started seeing results 4 days after we started the treatment. It felt so gross but satisfying at the same time. If you’re wearing sandals the next day, we don’t recommend it as you’ll need at least a week in closed toe shoes with this foot peel.

Keep it Moisturized 

After you get all of the dead skin off, you need to add some moisture back in! A good thick cream like this one here feels amazing and really hydrates your feet. Another way to lock in some moisture on your feet is to use some good old coconut oil! Rub it all over your feet, throw on some socks for a few hours or overnight and voilá- instantly soft feet.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen!

This might sound odd, but don’t forget to put sunscreen on the top of your feet! No one wants a weird sandal tan line or sun spots on their skin. This sunscreen here is great!

Perfectly Polished

To finalize your journey to baby soft feet, you need a pedicure! While a pro pedicure is great, sometimes a little polish while you’re sitting on your couch watching tv works just as well! Though I love a statement red, I’m really feeling neutrals like the ones above this summer. Be sure to file down and give your toes the love and attention they need. They’re often so neglected!

Huge thank you to Hannah for being a good sport and being a foot model! Do you guys have any good tips for keeping your feet looking sandal ready? Let me know in the comments down below!


Photography by Karla Ticas