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Everything You Need to Know about Dermaplaning

Hey guys, it’s Hannah! Today I want to talk to you guys all about ‘Dermaplaning.’ What’s dermaplaning, you might ask? Glad you did. Essentially, it’s a fancy term for shaving the peach fuzz off your entire face. I know it sounds crazy because trust me I thought it was insane the first time I heard about it.

You know that amazing feeling when you shave your legs and put on tons of lotion and you’re all soft and moisturized and you get into bed and it feels like pure bliss? Well, it’s like that but for your face! Over the last few weeks, I’ve tried four different dermaplaning tools from across all price points!

Dermaplaning is usually performed by an aesthetician, but now there are so many amazing at-home options! Of course, getting it done by a pro means they use a very sharp (very scary) surgical blade, but there are so many great approachable blades created specifically for at-home. It’s also important to note that, much like a facial or a manicure- getting it done by a pro will be slightly different.

So, like I said above, dermaplaning is great for removing the peach fuzz from your face, which in turn makes your face feels super soft! The biggest comment and concern I would get when I told my friends that this was my next contributing post was, “Won’t the hair grow back thicker?” While you might think that, it’s actually just giving the hair a blunt tip as opposed to how it would grow out normally.

Beyond making your skin super soft, it also is a great exfoliator, removes dead skin cells, helps the appearance of acne scars and helps promote collagen production and cell turnover (AKA- anti-aging)! It also helps all of your skincare soak into your skin just that much better.

ALSO- please note that you should NOT use shaving cream! I did it just for the photos 😉 

Dermaflash 2.0 Luxe

This one is definitely high tech- it’s on the pricier side but I think it was one of the more fool-proof options. It comes with a pre-treatment and a post-treatment and gently vibrates to get all of that peachfuzz and dead skin off. This was the first tool I used when I began dermaplaning and I was so amazed at how much hair came off of my face! I never thought I had too much peach fuzz- but boy did I.

Tinkle Razor 

Beyond the funny name for these razors (the pink one above!) I was actually pretty familiar with them. A few years ago, I picked some up to shape up my eyebrows! I hate tweezing, so these were great for shaping. Little did I know, they’re also really great for shaving your face! This is the least expensive of all the options (you can get 6 of them under $5), so if you’re wanting to try out at-home dermaplaning, then this is a great option!

Stacked Skincare

This razor (the silver one) scared me the most, and yet it ended up being my favorite! It was on the pricier end, but still under $100.00! I think it scared me because it was the most medical looking? I don’t know but I was getting major Sweeny Todd vibes. It ended up being very easy to control and super effective.


This one wasn’t my favorite. It worked fine, but it was hard to get around the curves of my face because of the placement of the blade! However, if you don’t want to use a straight up ‘razor blade’ then you’d really like this one. It’s a very ergonomic to hold and it’s pretty much foolproof!

Before I jumped in blade first, I did a lot of research and watched lots of YouTube videos to get the technique down. This article here and this video really helped me! The process is pretty simple:

1. Start with a totally clean dry face. (Like I said above the shaving cream I have on was just for the pictures!)

2. Only shave your cheeks, forehead, chin, upper lip and avoid the area around your eyes, lips, nose, and hairline.

3. Pull the skin on your face taut and use gentle short upward strokes. Try to avoid going over the same spot twice.

After you shave, it’s the perfect time to put on your favorite moisturizer or serum. Your skin will soak it all right up! Plus, you’ll be so excited on how soft your face is- you won’t want to stop touching it! My skin looked brighter, and when I woke up the next morning- it looked like I had a brand new face!

The hair, as any hair, grows back. I noticed mine growing back about a week and a half after first shaving. It wasn’t prickly or anything, but I was able to notice it in my magnifying mirror as I put on my makeup.

So are you guys going to jump on the dermaplaning train? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’ve ever done it before- let me know your thoughts! See you guys next time!

x Hannah


Photography by Karla Ticas