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Chloe's Favorites


I talk about my favorite things all the time (have you guys seen my most recent favorites here?) but I thought it was about time to share some of Chloe’s favorites since so many of you have been asking about it!

Since she’s 3 now, it’s so much fun to see how much her personality has developed and how particular she is about her toys and her clothes. I gathered some of her go-to’s while she was at school one day to show you guys what she’s been loving!

Keep scrolling to check out what Chloe’s favorites are (and a few of my mom faves, too)!

Leggings : 12/12 (Similar Here) | Shoes: Vans 

Sweater: Cotton On (Similar Here


Chloe is constantly running around and dancing (#DancingCloClo) so I wanted to get her something that could keep up with her. These leggings here are SO soft, and they come in so many cute colors and patterns! Chloe is also in love with this pink sweater, which is perfect for her to wear to the park (her favorite place ever). Since it’s still kind of chilly out where I live, a lightweight sweater is perfect to keep her warm!


How precious are these little fringe tennis shoes! While Chloe would rather be barefoot all the time, she actually loves these sneakers. The color is fun and she can run around in them all day!


As soon as Chloe gets out of her bath, she’s right into her cute little robe! Is it just me or does anything mini way cuter than the adult version? She loves to sit in her robe at her little vanity and do her ‘skincare routine’ just like mama! Thank you, Uncle Teddy!

Mouse in a Box | In My Heart Book

Mouse in a Box 

She’s loved playing with her little Mouse in a Box for years now! They’re like her little friends, it’s adorable. She feeds them and tucks them into bed every night!

In My Heart Book

This is Chloe’s most recent bedtime story of choice! She loves all of the fun colors and I love the message! It’s all about learning how to express and understand her feelings.

Frozen Night Light 

This little plug-in night light projects Elsa and Anna from Frozen onto her ceiling! It really soothes her and she thinks it’s so much fun that she gets to have a ‘sleepover’ with Elsa and Anna every night!

Cat Doll

Cat Doll

This little Cat Doll is just so gorgeous! I got it as decor at first, but Chloe has adopted it as one of her favorite stuffed animals! The cutest part? The doll’s actual name is Chloe!

Mad Matter

Mad Matter is kind of like a playdough like sand and Chloe’s totally obsessed with the texture. She loves to create little sculptures with it! It has a soft texture but also turns hard. The best part is that and never dries up! So even if she leaves it out of itscontainer, it won’t go bad.


Chloe got an art easel as one of her birthday presents this year from Candice, and she uses it almost every day! She’s such a little artist! She loves to paint but is just as content with some paper and markers.


She calls the canopy over her bed her “princess bed!” We put her mattress on the ground to do monastery style for sleep training. (Psst: Read more about how Allen and I are sleep training Chloe, here!) It jazzes up a plain mattress and makes the whole room feel special. We got her canopy at Restoration Hardware, but here’s a similar option for under $40!

Honest Face & Body Lotion

Honest Lotion

Chloe and I both love this lotion! This lotion is fantastic any time of day, but because it has the calming lavender scent- it’s perfect for post bathtime. It keeps Chloe’s skin moisturized and helps her get ready for bed.

Organic Bath Bombs

Speaking of bath time, Chloe’s most recent love are these organic bath bombs! I love that they’re made without chemicals and Chloe loves all of the fun bubbles and colors they come in.

Large Building Blocks

Chloe has been really into building things recently! These building blocks are a lot bigger than the classic legos, so you won’t accidentally step on one! Chloe can spend hours building!

Baby Cam

So this might just be one of MY favorite things, but I’m pretty sure Chloe does not love it as much as Allen and I do! The camera hooks up to my phone so no matter where I am in the world, I can check in! Plus, it has a speaker option- so I can also play Chloe’s favorite songs!


And there you have it! All of Chloe’s favorite things… for now! I’m sure she’ll have a bunch of new favorite things before I know it.

Is there any other mommy content you guys would like to see? Let me know in the comments below and have a great Monday!


Photography by Karla Ticas