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Laser 101

I know, I know… the thought of lasers on your face doesn’t exactly sound appealing- but shake that image of a cartoon death-ray from your mind because lasers are a fantastic skincare treatment and can really do wonders on your skin.  Depending on the type of treatment you get, lasers can help minimize pores, reduce redness and even out your skin’s texture. Anytime I get a laser treatment done, my DMs are flooded with so many questions so to help debunk some of the misconceptions out there and answer any questions you guys have, I’m so excited to have interviewed Laila Elkeeb about this amazing treatment. So grab your #2 pencil and a notebook (or MacBook)- because Laser 101 is in session!

Q: What are some common myths about getting lasered? 

A: One common myth that I get around me often is that if you use the same laser, you can get the same results. This simply isn’t true. Operating a laser is a skill that needs extensive knowledge and artistry in order to get the best possible results without causing damage or excessive pain.  The best comparison that I can use to describe what I mean are two photographers using the same camera—one is a 10 year professionally trained photographer and the other is an amateur who does it for a hobby.  Just because they own the same camera, does not mean they will achieve the same results.  So yes, getting laser can hurt and it can be scary but only in the wrong hands. Done right, getting laser should be pleasant and not scary at all.

Q: What are some facts about lasers?

A: A fun fact about the laser is that it operates on light! The way in which each laser is differentiated has a lot to do with the wavelengths of the light.  So not all lasers are created equal.

Q: What age range can use laser?

A: A person of any age can be treated with the appropriate laser.

Q: How often can you get lasered?

A: This question depends on the laser that is being used.  For the laser that I use, you can go quite frequently because there is no down time and I can adjust the laser so that it is very gentle. Of course how often you go depends on each person but with close monitoring, you can go as often as every day. 

Q: What exactly does it do for your skin that products + facials can’t achieve?

A: What differentiates laser treatments from your average skin product and facial is that it has the ability to go much deeper, in some cases, as it is with the laser I use, down to the DNA level.  The light waves themselves, allow for collagen synthesis—something that regular products and facials can’t achieve on a deep level.

Q: How does it fix your skin’s texture?

A: This again is thanks to light! The light from the laser interacts with your skin and improves the texture.

Q: How does it shrink your pores?

A: At the risk of sounding redundant, I have to give credit to light once again. The light interacts with your skin in a fashion that cleans out your pores and causes them to constrict which minimizes the appearance of pores.



Q: How does it combat redness?

A: Laser combats redness by interacting with the pathological blood vessels that cause redness.

Q: Who should think about getting lasered?

A: Because the benefits of laser are so vast, really anyone should consider it. For people who want to remove excess hair, laser can remove that. For those who want to just have a deep clean of their face once a month, laser can achieve that.  For those who have dark spots or acne scars, laser can help reduce that. For those that want a quick freshen and glow for the red carpet, laser can do that.  If you have thought about laser, chances are you are the perfect candidate.

Q: Any other things you think people should know?

A: One thing that I highly advise is that you are never too young to start taking careful care of your skin, face, neck, and body. Most people tend to focus just on their face and neglect other parts of their body but aging happens on your entire body. If you want to age graciously and gracefully, don’t neglect other parts of your body!

Through my experiences with laser treatments, I can honestly say I’m so happy with how my skin feels and looks! And take it from me- it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. If anything, it should be called a ‘light’ treatment- because as Laila said, it’s really all about light!

Have you guys ever done a laser treatment? Would you ever want one? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


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