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LIFESTYLE 10 months ago

How to Get the Best Booty in 2018

I’m officially claiming 2018 as the year of the booty! I work out pretty regularly and I take care of my skin- but how much attention do you actually pay to your booty? Between the best booty workouts and even a mask for your butt- keep reading to find out how to get the best booty in 2018! It’s gonna be peachy 😉

Taking care of your body is easier said than done, I know. But instead of trying to do a complete lifestyle overhaul overnight, taking baby steps towards a larger goal makes it seem so much more manageable! One simple and easy step I’ve added to my routine is this anti-aging body cream from Dr. Barbara Strum! It’s super rich in nutrients and has tons of antioxidants that leave my skin super smooth and moisturized. Just like anti-aging for your face, you want to lift and firm, right? So the same goes for the rest of your body- even your booty!

Booty Mask

You guys know how much I love face masks, but have you ever put a mask on your butt? This one by anese is designed specifically for your booty. It helps smooth and plump, and I swear after using this mask for about a week I could really tell a difference! Pair it with a good booty scrub (like this one here) and your butt will be smoother than ever!


Like I said before, adding small changes to your everyday routine is so much easier than a total overhaul, and the same goes for your workout! I don’t always have time to devote to a workout, so giving little bursts of activity is so much easier and effective for my lifestyle. If you give yourself 5 minutes a day- just five minutes- to do some leg lifts and squats, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you see a change.

So who’s ready for the year of the booty? Let me know if you have any best-booty-ever tips and tricks in the comments below! Hope you guys have a booty-ful day 😉


Photography by Karla Ticas

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How to Get the Best Booty in 2018

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