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LIFESTYLE 6 months ago

How to Soak Up the Last of 2017

Now that Christmas is finally over (*sheds a tear*), that means that there is less than a week left in 2017! How insane is that? The week between Christmas and the New Year is always a weird in-between time for me, but I’m not worried this year because my team and I came up with the best ways to soak up the rest of December and spend the rest of 2017!

1. Write Yourself a Letter

One of the girls on my team does this every single year and it really inspired me! Think about where you were and who you were at the end of 2016- a completely different person, huh? This year, take time to physically write yourself a letter. Write down everything you loved about 2017… everything you hated… and everything significant you can remember. Just let it all out on paper, seal it in an envelope and read it next year. I promise you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come!

2. Read a Good Book

If you remember from this post here, I’m actually a huge bookworm! If you have time this week, get in that last book that you told yourself you’d read before the year ended or, finally finish that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table forever! You’ll be so happy you did.

3. Indulge in Your Favorite Treats

After all of that holiday madness, you deserve to #TREATYOSELF! So grab that chocolate chip cookie you’ve been eyeing, the extra sliver of cake…whatever! A little indulgence now and then never hurt anyone! My guilty pleasure is carbs! Gotta love those pastries especially when they’re from Bottega Louie😉

4. Enjoy a Staycation

If you can, get away! But… not too far away. A staycation is a great excuse to get out of the house and relax. Allen and I absolutely love doing weekend staycations! Having a change of scenery once in a while and just not having to worry about things really takes the pressure off, and lets us really spend some quality time with each other and with Chloe.

5. Hit Snooze

If you guys know me, you know that I NEVER really sleep in. I feel like I’m always on the clock! From family to work, it never really ends but this week, I’m going to hit the snooze button at least once. Even if it’s just once- I know that treating myself to a few more minutes of sleep will help me feel refreshed without feeling guilty!

6. Call Your Loved Ones

I’m so blessed to be surrounded by my family for the holidays, but if you’re like me, so many of my dear friends are across the country! So pick up the phone and give them a buzz! Not a text, but an actual call. It’ll make their day, I promise. Just letting them know you’re thinking about them means the world.

How are you guys spending the last week of the year? Let me know down below!


Photography by Emi Rose Kitawaki Website / Instagram

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How to Soak Up the Last of 2017

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