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LIFESTYLE 5 months ago

How to Decorate Your Desk for the Holidays

Have you guys decorated your home for the holidays? If you remember from my Instagram stories, Chloe and I decorated our tree a few weeks ago and I love the way the house looks all dressed up for Christmas!

I know work can get especially stressful during the holiday rush, but my team and I realized that sprucing up the office for the season really helps make things more festive and fun! So whether it’s your desk at work, your cubicle or even your desk at home- here are some fun and easy ways to add some holiday cheer to your workspace (you’ll be happy you did)!


A warm color scheme, with reds and golds, is a great way to add a homey touch to your workspace! One of the best ways to utilize your leftover ornaments is to gather them and place them in a clear vase! It adds color AND a festive touch! Plus, a mini tree and mini ornaments help add height and holiday cheer!

The classic holiday colors are always a good idea. Plus, adding greenery is good for your eyes, especially when you’re staring at a computer for a long period of time! Adding a touch of metallic, like silver and gold, to your greenery is a great way to add color while still staying relatively neutral!  While I love candles as much as the next girl, a diffuser is actually the best desk companion ever. First, you don’t have to worry about a flame around your important paperwork, second, it smells good all the time, and not just when something is lit. And finally, it adds height and looks super chic!

I think this color palette is my favorite! I love how fun and playful the cool tones of blue and pink look for the holidays. A little snow globe looks super cute, and also doubles as a stress reliever! I don’t know about you guys, but I just love watching the snow fall (especially since we don’t really get a White Christmas here in LA)!

Which was your favorite theme? Let me know in the comments below and have a great weekend!



Photography by Emi Rose Kitawaki Website / Instagram

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How to Decorate Your Desk for the Holidays

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