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Beauty 1 year ago

3 Game-Changing Beauty Gadgets

Earlier this year, I shared a post (see it here) about some skincare gadgets that really work!  Beauty tech has gotten so advanced these days and it’s wonderful!  With that said,  I’ve discovered some more splurge-worthy beauty gadgets that you’re going to want to get your hands on! (PS: if you haven’t added anything to your Christmas wishlist, this post might help you out!  It’s never too early, am I right?) Between an eye mask that looks like you’re in the future (or an X-Men movie) and a skin device that uses nano currents, check out these 3 beauty gadgets that are changing the game!

ZIIP Nano Current Device

This little guy helps bring the benefits of a luxurious facial to the comfort of your own home. It syncs up with an app you download on your iPhone and uses nano-sized electrical currents to zap bacteria, boost collagen and elasticity. Not only does it look super chic, but it’s super easy to use and can also target your specific skincare concerns since it’s hooked up to an app.  You merely choose your “electrical cocktail” and the device does all the work for you. Puffy eyes? It works. Redness? It works. Paired with the gel, you can barely feel it when you’re using it but you can definitely see the results!  The ZIIP does it all!

Dyson : Supersonic Hair Dryer

I’m pretty sure this hair dryer is actually from the future because it is.  It’s engineered to reduce noise and built with a V9 motor making it 6x faster than your average hairdryer.   And if that doesn’t make you want it, just look at it! Everything from the look of it, to the controls, to how well it’s designed– it’s just amazing. It drys my coarse, unruly hair in almost half the time than a normal dryer, is insanely quiet and it helps cut down mama’s frizz. Worth the price tag 10/10.

Dr. Dennis Gross: SpectraLite EyeCare Pro LED Device

This futuristic looking eye mask gadget is probably one of my favorite finds at the moment. I get so many questions about eye care, creams, etc. since that’s where the skin on our face ages first.  This tool uses light therapy to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as helps to improve the look of dark circles. Added treat? The treatment only takes three minutes!  Skincare experts will generally charge anywhere from $150-$200 per treatment for something like this, so it’s definitely worth the dollars.

Another gadget that I’ve been using (though it’s not a beauty gadget) is the Amazon Echo Look! It takes photos and videos with just the sound of your voice, which really helps me see my outfit from all angles. It’s awesome before long shoot days since it’s so hands-free.

Are you guys going to try any of these products? Do you have any beauty gadgets that you love? I want to know! Let me know in the comments below and have a great Monday, everyone!


Photography by Drew Scott

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3 Game-Changing Beauty Gadgets

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