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Beauty 11 months ago

5 Ways to Update Your Fall Makeup

Transitioning your summer wardrobe in anticipation for fall doesn’t stop at just shoes and clothes! Your beauty look is just as important. I like to take the turn of a new season as an opportunity to do a total clean out of my makeup bag. It’s time to throw out old products, clean brushes, stow away summer products and bring out those fall color palettes! So grab your favorite fall drink (cinnamon or pumpkin spice latte anyone?), and check out my 5 ways to update your fall makeup this year!

1. Swap Your Usual Black Liner for Blue 

Is blue the new black? Maybe not, but it is a fun way to mix up your fall beauty routine. I lined my lower lashes with a crayon shadow like this one! There are awesome colored liners (like this and this) but I love how creamy and blendable the shadow is. If you want a more of a ‘wash-of-color’ as opposed to a thick line, apply a small dot of the product on the outer corner of your lash line and blend it in with your finger!

2. Add Brown Lipstick to Your Summer Colors

You might remember this tip from this post here, but I can’t stop doing it! For your lips this fall, try adding a darker shade of brown or red and mixing it with your summer colors. Adding a darker color to a bright red can give you the perfect maroon. Or a deep purple to a bright pink will give you a gorgeous magenta. Just play around with your lip colors and have fun! You might surprise yourself and create the perfect, one of a kind fall color for you! Blue also tends to accentuate your eye color more if you have darker colored eyes like I do.

3. Go Monochrome

I’ve used this trick before, but it seriously works. A monochrome face is not only a time saver, but it also looks super chic.  Basically, after you’re done mixing your lip colors, or getting that perfect ‘just-kissed’ smudge, use the left over product on your finger to blot the apples of your cheeks, and blend! You’ll get a gorgeous flush of color on your cheeks in seconds! If you want to take it one step further, move the color onto your eyes, too!

4. Use Bronzer as Eyeshadow

Your bronzer can do so much more than contour. If I’m short on time, or I want an easy subtle smokey eye, I use my bronzer as eyeshadow! This works with matte bronzers like this one or shimmer bronzers like this one!

If you’re really feeling experimental, try mixing a matte with a shimmer! Use matte around your crease and shimmer to highlight the inner corners!

5. The Subtle Glow

Overcast and gloomy fall days usually always means that there’s no sun in sight. So this fall, add a little sunshine to your glow. A subtle shimmer on your cheekbones will give you a gorgeous glow and can really help brighten up your face. The art of a subtle shimmer is to use just enough to give the glow, and avoid looking so highlighted you could blind someone! Lol! Right now I’m particularly loving this one and this one!

Who else is ready for fall fashion and beauty? Let me know if you guys do anything fun to change up your beauty routine for fall down below and have a great day!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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