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5 Pieces Under $100 You’ll Wear All Season

Hey, everyone! It’s Hannah again (if you missed my last couple of posts- click here and here to see what’s been happening lately) and I’m very excited to be back on the blog talking about one of my favorite things: fall fashion! Balancing my burning desire for a designer pair of boots with the fact that I need money to…you know, eat, pay rent and stuff can be tough. But if I’ve learned anything about shopping, it’s that a little can go a long way.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to get that investment piece I’ve been eyeing, but until then…your girl is on a budget! I’m sure some of you are in the same boat, so all of the pieces I’m talking about in this post are items I purchased founder $100 bucks, and all of the items in the widgets are ALSO under $100 bucks. Some pieces are classic, some trendy, but all 5 items are under $100 and are things you’ll be wearing all season long.

1. Hat – Janessa Leone 

I got this hat purely as a happy accident. I’ve never considered myself much of a hat person, which was why I needed some convincing when one of my BFFs invited me to the Janessa Leone sample sale with her in DTLA a few weeks ago. She can rock hats like no one else, but I’ve always thought I looked kind of like a potato when I put one on (but who doesn’t love potatoes… right?).

But then…I saw THIS hat.  It was like the more structured cousin of the super chic Baker Boy hat Chriselle has been rocking recently and I was in love. I’ve been wearing it non-stop ever since! (PS: Since I got this hat at a sample sale, it was 1). under $100 and 2). no longer available online, so check out the similar ones I linked above!)

2. Fuzzy Bag – Zara

The first time I came across the fuzzy bag trend I was skeptical. I mean, I had already jumped on the fur-slide bandwagon, but fur bags too? Slowly but surely, as I started to see bags like this one appear on my IG feed, I knew it was only a matter of time before I gave in. I found this one at Zara (similar here) and I love it! I mean, I don’t get to wear a fur coat in Los Angeles all that often (never) so bring on the fur accessories!

3. Oversized Blazer – Zara

Chriselle has been preaching about an oversized blazer for this season for the last few weeks, and she’s not wrong. I love my leather jacket more than I can say, but I’ll definitely be reaching more and more for my oversized blazer this fall. The one I’m wearing here is from Zara about a month ago (similar here!) and I’ve already gotten so much wear out of it!



4. Sock Boots – My Closet 

What if I told you that you already own a pair of sock-boots but you just don’t know it yet? I haven’t gotten around to buying the real thing yet (but I’m all about theseso I decided to get crafty. A while ago, there were some viral videos about how to DIY your own sock boots with a pair of heels and some tube socks. Well, I decided to give it a go and they look pretty spot on if I do say so myself.

I grabbed a pair of simple black heels that I’ve had since high school (they look like these) and a pair of black tight-like socks (like these) and a pair of scissors. I put on the heel, then fit the sock over my foot then cut a little slit in the sock for the heel to poke through! It took me about 5 minutes and I didn’t spend a dime!

5. Pendant Necklace – Cam Jewelry

Bye bye, chokers. The fashion world is now obsessed with the pendant! I’ve seen the simple necklace around the necks of all of my favorite fashion bloggers and I was itching to get my hands on an affordable version. I found the one I’m wearing (check it out here) and haven’t taken it off since. I found some amazing options (all under $100!) and linked them above!

There you have it! 5 under $100 pieces you’ll wear all season long. Remember, you don’t have to completely overhaul your wardrobe at the start of each season, all you need is a few key pieces to take your closet to the next level! So I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday, and let me know in the comments below what you want to see from me next!

x Hannah


Photography by Drew Scott