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The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Ready When You're Running Late

Hey, everyone! It’s Hannah again and I’m so excited to be back on the blog! If you missed my last few posts, click here and here to see what I’ve been up to. Today I wanted to share my Lazy Girl’s Guide to Getting Ready When You’re Running Late. Now, I’m not really lazy- I just happen to have “lazy-like tendencies.” One of those tendencies is hitting the snooze button like it’s my job, which in turn can make me late for my actual job. It’s safe to say I’ve perfected getting ready really fast. Keep scrolling to see my 5-minute makeup and some of my go-to outfit formulas to ensure I make it to the office on time, while still looking, you know… alive.

I can spend ages doing my makeup, but for those mornings that I need to run out of my apartment ASAP- I’ve got my routine down to a science. One trick I use to keep track of time is to do my makeup while listening to music- I know that I only have 2 to 3 songs to get my face done!

Step 1- Skin

 No matter how late I am, I will always prep my skin with sunscreen and primer, then go in with some concealer. I add a few blots of my bb-cushion foundation then I mattify with some powder and a big fluffy brush. Chriselle can rock a dewy look like no other, but when I try, I feel like I look like an actual grease ball. Using my powder also helps keep everything in place and not sweat off as I walk through downtown.

Step 2- Eyebrows

I actually feel naked without my brows done. I’ve got pretty thick brows (thanks, mom & dad!) so I don’t really need to fill much in. I darken them a bit with some powder (I’ve been using this to do my brows since high school and it’s only 3 dollars- you’re welcome) and an angled brush, but the real magic is using a gel. My brows tend to get pretty flat, so using a clear gel (like this one) helps keep their shape!

Step 3- Eyes

On a normal day, I use this palette almost exclusively. It’s super small and has the perfect amount of matte and shimmer shades for a ton of different looks. Because I use it so much, my brush always has some leftover product- which means I can put on eyeshadow in just two or three swipes on my lid! (Don’t worry, I clean my brushes every two weeks or so!) Then, to add a bit more definition, I use this eyeshadow stick on my bottom lash line. It’s super creamy and blends like a dream. Afterwards, I add some eyeliner on my water line and some mascara and I’ve got a chic neutral eye in about a minute and a half.

Step 4- Bronzer & Blush

To finish off my face so I don’t feel like a total potato, I do a little “contouring” with some bronzer– just to give my face some definition. A little blush on my cheeks (I like to use a cream blush like this one so I can blend with my fingers) and I’m done! If I’m ~feeling myself I’ll throw on a lipstick, too!

My 3 Go-To ‘Late for Work’ Outfits

Last month, I showed you guys my three go-to date outfits, but this month is a little bit more practical. I’ve got three formulas that I follow in the mornings so I always know what to wear, I just have to fill in the pieces!

Button Down: Forever 21 (Similar Here) | Jeans: H&M (Similar Here) | Slides: Zara (Similar Here) | Bag: Micheal Kors (Similar Here) | Sunnies: Dior 

Formula 1: Button Down + Jeans + Slides 

A button down is the perfect balance between sophisticated and effortless. On one hand it’s professional, so I can wear it to work or any meetings I have, but on the other hand, it’s totally casual and works just as well on the weekends! This one, in particular, is thin and breezy and has a high slit up the side which gives it a blouse-y feel. A pair of jeans worn-in to perfection and then some slides (similar here) and I’m good to go!

T-Shirt Dress: Zara (Similar Here)| Bag: Mango (Similar Here) | Sunnies: Miu Miu | Shoes: Feiyue 

Formula 2: T-Shirt Dress + Sneakers 

T-shirt dresses are lifesavers. I’ve got four that I have on rotation and I’m not even ashamed. This one, however, is my favorite because *clears throat* it has pockets. All I do is roll out of bed, throw off my pj’s and throw on my dress! Add some sneakers to give it a more casual athleisure feel and a cool necklace and I’ve got the ultimate ‘Oh sh*t, I’m late’ look.

Sweater: Brandy Melville (Similar Here) | Pants: Zara (Similar Here) | Flats: H&M (Similar Here) | Bag: St. Laurent | Sunnies: Rayban

Formula 3: Sweatshirt + Flowy Pants + Flats

This look is probably my favorite because… how cool are these pants? They’re silky and honestly look and feel like pajama pants. For days you don’t feel like wearing jeans, flowy pants like this are the perfect solution. I wore this outfit when I came to work the day I shot this, and I had legitimately slept in that gray sweatshirt. I just pulled on the pants and some pointed flats and rushed out the door! I own more gray sweatshirts than I feel comfortable admitting, but they’re such a closet staple for me. They go with everything, keep you cozy, and can be dressed up or dressed down.

Maybe one day I’ll wake up with enough time to get ready like a normal working adult? But let’s be real. Hope you guys enjoyed this month’s post! What do you want to see next? Let me know down below, or @ me on Instagram and I’ll catch yah next time!

x Hannah


Photography by Drew Scott