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3 (More) Beauty Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Everyone loves a good beauty hack, right? You guys LOVED my last beauty hack post (if you missed it, check it out here!) so I asked around, and my team and I gathered 3 (more) beauty hacks you probably never know you needed! From skincare to makeup hacks, keep scrolling to read about the 3 hacks that my team and I swear by!

Pimple Zapper

We all get pimples, it’s inevitable and more often than not, adult acne is too real for us sometimes. Maybe you get them around your “time of the month,” or maybe when you’re stressed but no matter the reasoning on why they pop up, finding some way to get rid of them is always a struggle. A pimple banishing hack some of the girls on the CINCteam love is to use the gel from the Advil Liqui-Gels to zap breakouts! Advil is ibuprofen, which helps with inflammation and swelling. So placing a little bit of the gel directly on a pimple overnight can help visibly shrink it and reduces redness! Which really helps when covering it up with makeup. To get the gel out, simply use the pointy end of a safety pin or a needle. Always, always make sure to sanitize whatever you use to get the gel out- you don’t want any other bacteria mixing into your blemishes!

Expiration Dates

Though it might not look like the expiration dates you’re used to seeing on food, your skin care also has expiration dates! As you can see above, it kind of looks like a little open jar with a number and letter! So this product is good 12 months after I open it. Some makeup products have the exact same thing on the back of the product! So the next time you use your products, look at the bottle and see if you can find the expiration date. (It’s also a great excuse to clean out and get some new treats!)

Brush Hack

This hack combines two things you probably already have in your makeup bag: a brush and a bobby-pin! It basically turns any round brush you have into a fan brush. Perfect for getting that sharp contour line with some bronzer or brushing some highlighter onto your cheekbones! I love doing this hack when I travel, to cut down on the products I travel with and to clear up more space.

Do you guys have any cool beauty hacks you want to share? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to try them out. Have a great day everyone!


Photography by Drew Scott