Motherhood 7 years ago

The Perfect French Picnic

I’ve always dreamt of having a picnic with Chloe and Allen somewhere along the French countryside. So when Bonpoint approached us about partnering up with them for their gorgeous collection, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create my own French-inspired picnic for Chloe and her BFF, Kirby! There is something about these long summer days and running around barefoot in the grass that brings back so many fond memories of my very own childhood. My mom used to set up little picnics for my sister and me during the summers and she would even make us wear matching outfits!


sponsored by Bonpoint

I’m just SO in love with this two-piece yellow set that Chloe is wearing… I secretly wish they had it in an adult version so I can wear it too… haha! What I love most about Bonpoint, is the simplicity of their pieces and how timeless and classic their designs are.  And, can we talk about how adorable this boater hat is? (Again, wishing I had one for myself!) It adds the perfect preppy summer touch to any look.

Chloe’s hair is also growing out so this is the first time that I didn’t have to tie it up in her typical pony and pigtails. I used these Bonpoint clips to clip her hair out of her face and off to the side. Doesn’t she look so much more grown up these days? Chloe’s BFF Kirby is also rocking an amazing dress from Bonpoint. How precious is the little collar? It’s the perfect look for a French picnic if I do say so myself. (Again, can I get that in my size too?)

This was my 3rd time attending the Bonpoint show and to say that it brings me so much joy is an understatement. The show never fails to transport me out of my hectic fashion week mindset and the minute I see these adorable kids, it just makes me realize how blessed I am to be a mommy. There is no greater gift than that. I also tend to get a bit emotional during the show because I miss Chloe so much.

This particular show reminded me so much of Chloe because it was inspired by the beach… they even had sand on the ground and runway! You guys know that not a week goes by in the summer where I’m not on the beach with Chloe and Allen. That girl is obsessed with sand, water, and the sun! The whole time I watched the adorable models walk down the runway, I was thinking of Chloe and wishing she was there with me! I’m hoping next season she will be able to come with me and even maybe walk the show!

PS: Happy Bastille Day to all of my French followers!


Photography by Drew Scott