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Beauty 1 year ago

Prime Time

With all the time and effort we put into our makeup to create a certain look, the last thing you want is for it to melt off by the end of the day (am I right?). Especially as the temperatures continue to rise, makeup primers are more important now than ever. Primers may seem tedious, but they really do help maintain a certain freshness of the skin. Did you know that that there are more primers out there than just a foundation primer?

Keep scrolling to discover the products I use to keep my makeup in place all day! It’s Prime Time:

Lip Primer

Though this might not technically be a ‘primer’ it’s a very important step in any makeup routine. A lip balm (like this one or this onehelps moisturize your lips and prep them for any lipstick/gloss/stain you choose to wear that day! My tip is to apply some lip balm while you’re sleeping to let it really soak in and before you even start your makeup to really give it time to work, leaving your lips soft, supple and ready for color. Nobody wants their lipstick flaking off midday.

Eyeshadow Primer

Have you ever noticed your shadow creasing on your lids during a long summer day? Well using a lid primer like this one can really help keep your shadow stay in place. Just put a little dab on each lid and smudge with your finger to spread it on your lids before applying your shadow!

Foundation Primer

During the heated summer months, a foundation primer is non-negotiable because nothing is worse than your makeup melting off in the sun and onto your clothes! A good foundation primer helps create an even surface for you to apply your makeup for smooth application. It also helps keep your makeup where it’s supposed to be ALL DAY. So say goodbye to the days when your foundation and/or concealer would cake up around your nose and mouth.

Eye + Lip Primer

This primer is designed to work on your lips and under eyes. A little dab of the product under your eyes can help keep your concealer in place (which is a life saver if you have dark circles like me) and on your lips, it helps keep your lipstick from bleeding or feathering! Gotta love a product that can do both!

Mascara Primer

Want the look of faux lashes without having to mess with putting on faux lashes? Then look no further than a mascara primer. Two words: GAME. CHANGER. A lash primer helps lengthen, separate, volumize and lets your mascara glide on effortlessly! Just one or two swipes will do and trust me, you’ll thank me later 😉

So confess! Are you guys priming (and properly)? Let me know below and have a great weekend!


Photography by Karla Ticas

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