Beauty 3 years ago

Face Mapping 101

Have you guys ever heard of something called face-mapping? I learned about this concept not too long ago and I find it to be so interesting!  Basically, it’s a way to decode your skin and figure out what part of your life/diet could be affecting it! Consider it a cheat sheet for your skin! For example, if you’re breaking out on your chin it could be due to something totally different than a breakout on your forehead. Keep scrolling to read my Face Mapping 101 breakdown:

Zone 1 +3:
This zone, spanning your forehead, is believed to be directly linked to your digestive system. Just goes to show you how much your diet affects your skin!  Try eating cleaner and drinking more water to clear this area up!

Zone 2:

If you usually break out right in the middle of your forehead and between your eyebrows, it could be because of something going on in your liver. It could be caused by too much alcohol, rich foods or even a lactose intolerance so try cutting back on those.

Zone 4 + 10:

So you might not end up with a zit on your ear, but if you notice your ears are very hot it could be directly related to your kidneys. Cutting down on the coffee and alcohol can help lower your acidity intake! 

Zone 5 + 9:

If you suffer from allergies or if you’re a smoker, you might notice that the skin on your cheeks has been looking congested. That’s because zones 5+9 are linked up to your respiratory system! 

Zone 6 + 8:

The skin around your eyes is super delicate and very sensitive. If you have dark circles under your eyes like I do, it could be either hereditary or because of dehydrationTime to drink more water!

Zone 7:

If your nose and upper lip are on the red side, it’s probably because of a high blood pressure. Cutting down on sodium can help! 

Zone 11 +13:

Breakouts on the side of your chin/jawline are very common for women because that area is linked up to your ovaries! So if you’re breaking out in these zones it’s usually because of menstruation. 

Zone 12:

Stress. Stress. Stress. If you’re breaking out on your chin, it’s most likely due to stress or diet. And let’s be real, we don’t exactly eat well when stressed, do we? Lol!  Try to take a walk for a few minutes, healthier snacks or maybe even a great yoga class.

Zone 14:

Your neck/chest should definitely not be ignored when it comes to your skincare. If you notice your neck is flushed, it could be due to adrenal stress (which is defined as physical stress). 

Take a look in the mirror! Do these zones line up with how your skin is looking? Let me know in the comments below! Remember, I’m not a doctor or a dermatologist, so if you notice something funky on your skin, go get it checked out! And as always, taking care of your insides can only help your outsides! So drink water, exercise, eat right and basically, take care of yourself!

(PS: washing off all your makeup every night, washing your brushes and a good skincare routine doesn’t hurt either! Shop some of my favorite skincare products below!)