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Paris Fashion Week 2 years ago

PFW Diary: 4 Statement Outfits in 1 Day

When I woke up today, it was pouring rain in Paris and Allen was still sick in bed. Not going to lie… the morning was quite rough. I was so tempted to just stay in and skip out on the shows so I could just cuddle with Allen but I couldn’t ditch another day of fashion week like I did HERE! It was a super busy day with tons of amazing shows and gorgeous outfit changes per usual, so here’s a little recap of my day!

1 P.M: Mugler

Strong , sexy, and powerful. Everything I imagine a power woman to wear was in this collection. I wore a Mugler corset and layered a turtleneck underneath and paired my flared leather trousers for the ultimate bondage girl look.

3 P.M: Elie Saab

I was extremely excited about this show because my friends at Elie Saab actually asked me to bring Allen! Sadly, he ended up being too sick to even leave the room for most of the day. Poor guy. Either way, the show was incredible. There was so much movement and all around glamour in the collection.

I wore the prettiest Elie Saab Dress (similar here) but had to layer jacket on top because it was so cold! I decided to go for this really girly mint green dress, but I added a pair of combat boots and black tights to juxtapose the look.

5 P.M: Nina Ricci

The Nina Ricci show is always a favorite of mine but I was a little surprised when I entered a room. It was airy & light, and I’m used to having a dark, sexy, and smoky environment for Nina Ricci. The collection was absolutely beautiful and feminine and had a lot of beautiful monochromatic pastel colors! I wore a very interesting Nina Ricci outfit tonight! I paired this leather a-line skirt (similar here) with this lace/silk dress (like this onefor the best outfit combo ever!

6 P.M: Drinks with CHLOÉ DIGITAL

We stopped by at our friend Chloés birthday party before our next show! It was great to catch up and sip on these yummy cocktails.

7 P.M: Sonia Rykiel

My last show of the day! It was fun, quirky, and magical! The collection had so many amazing knits and outerwear pieces. I went with a boxy oversized monochrome suit set from Sonia. I loved the oversized and boxy nature of this blazer (similar here)… It made me feel powerful and strong. I’m also obsessed with these matching culottes (like thesewhich I paired with these AMAZING black thigh highs that work both as shoes and leather tights because they are so tall!

9P.M. Date Night

Allen was finally able to step out of the hotel for the first time tonight! He caught a horrible cold and has been stuck inside since he arrived. I felt so sad that we couldn’t spend as much time together as I thought we would but we had the best time at our little date night tonight. We caught up with everything and seems like we never skipped a beat from where we left off back at home. We tried a Michelin Star restaurant by our hotel and it was just divine. We have one more night together and I hope we can make the most of it! Miss him so much already.

Well, that concludes my day today and I hope that you guys enjoyed following along! Don’t forget to read about my day yesterday DITCHING FASHION WEEK and all the outfits I wore HERE. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for more Paris Fashion Week coverage!


Photography by Drew Scott

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PFW Diary: 4 Statement Outfits in 1 Day

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