LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

Currently Obsessed: Manuka Honey

Its time to talk about honey, honey. Have you guys ever seen or heard of Manuka HoneyThis stuff is practically magic in a jar, honestly. If you haven’t heard of it yet, then let me tell you, you’re going to want to get on this honey train ASAP! Honey on its own is already amazing. It tastes good, the health benefits are through the roof, and some farmers swear that consuming local bee pollen help your allergies! But Manuka Honey is totally different than your average honey.

Okay guys, time to get nerdy for a second. I did some research about Manuka honey and this is what I learned: Manuka honey is made specifically from the Manuka tree found in New Zealand. It has a special compound in it called methylglyoxal (MGO) that sets it apart from raw honey or your generic table honey. To score how much antibiotic properties it has, honey makers created a rating system. It’s called UMF, which stands for Unique Manuka Factor. The higher the rating, the more potent the honey! Simple enough, right?

Manuka Honey can be used both topically, which means you can put it directly on your skin, and orally, which means you can eat it! It has so many benefits, too. It has been known to help with acne, eczema, a sore throat, allergies, acid reflux, the list goes on and on! I have a spoonful every morning, and I’ve even found myself looking forward to my daily dose!

I got my first jar of Manuka Honey as a gift, but I searched the net and found some really great ones that I’ve linked below! Are you guys going to give this super honey a try? Let me know in the comments down below!


Photography by Drew Scott