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Beauty 1 year ago

My Winter Beauty Look

If you guys had a chance to read my 10 Products 10 Looks post, you know with a little help from Ting (my amazingly talented friend and makeup artist), I can switch up my beauty + hair looks on the daily! But, in my normal day-to-day life, my typical makeup routine doesn’t change as much. I’m thankful to be constantly getting the chance to try new makeup and beauty products but when I find ones I really like, I typically stick to them but will change up the colors every season or so (depending on the M-O-O-D)!

My Winter Beauty Look is pretty simple. With all the gorgeous dark colors around, I want to keep my look as light and airy as possible. The first step in my makeup routine, no matter the season, is to put on sunscreen after my moisturizer. I love this one by Kiehl’s because it’s super light and not sticky at all. For my foundation, I’ve been using the Armani Power Fabric foundation. It gives so much coverage without feeling like I have any makeup on. Seriously, with one pump of the product, I can cover my entire face to feel like silk! But my secret weapon? I use this Armani fluid sheer under my foundation, which gives my skin a gorgeous glow.

With a few swipes of my Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil, my eyebrows are filled in and in place. For my eyes, I usually skip eyeshadow unless I have more time, but I’ll line my eyes and use my absolute favorite mascara from Sisley to really add depth and definition. And my newest obsession this year was wearing false eyelashes for shoots! I wasn’t the biggest fan of them on myself but one day I gave my Shu Uemura lashes a shot and I loved how they made my eyes look in photos! I couldn’t wear them every day, but for events and big shoot days, they’re now a total must!

After I’m done with my eyes, I move on to the rest of my face. I’ve been using this Mac highlighter religiously which makes my skin look so gorgeous and dewy when I layer it with my Marc Jacobs blush! And with a quick swipe of my Bobbi Brown lipstickmy winter look is finished! I like to think of this look as like a good foundation base. I can always add some darker eyeshadow or even a statement lip to switch it up! Do you guys have any products that you use all the time in the winter? I want to know! Tell me in the comments below and have a great Tuesday!


Photography by Drew Scott

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