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Beauty 1 year ago

Currently Obsessed : Microneedling

I discovered microneedling from a skin clinic a while ago.  I personally haven’t done it because the idea of it kind of scares me. It’s pretty much tiny needles puncturing the surface of your skin in efforts to jump your skin’s collagen production. It’s obviously very effective, but I’ve heard it’s pretty painful. The idea of that pain deterred me, and to this day I’ve never had the guts to do it.

However, when I heard that at-home micro-needling kits were available, it sparked my interest. I knew that if it were for at home use, it had to be user-friendly, not as painful and a mild version of the real thing. So I started my research… I found that tons of influencers and celebrities were raving about it. When I decided to finally give it a try, I got my hands on this microneedling, AKA derma rolling kit from GloPRO and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Is it painful? No. Does it feel strange? Yes. It’s hard to describe, but weirdly enough I find it soothing! Personally, I didn’t notice a difference immediately, but after using it consistently for about three weeks, I noticed my skin was much softer.

The derma roller basically punctures tiny, minimally invasive holes into your skin which then promotes your skin to regenerate itself and produce collagen. I can honestly say that it’s one of the most effective and useful beauty tools I’ve used to date. (If you’re wondering what my favorite skin gadgets are right now, click here!)

Let’s talk about the STEPS because there are a couple of steps to using the derma roller.

1. Use a serum.
The kit I got from GloPRO came with one, which you’re supposed to put on your face immediately after you finish the treatment. You can use any serum as long as it doesn’t have any alcohol or acid. Your skin is ready to instantly suck in whatever you put on it, so make sure it’s good for you!

2. Sanitize.
 Make sure to thoroughly clean the derma roller after you’re done with the serum, you need to sanitize the derma roller. Again, the GloPRO kit came with a little spray bottle to sanitize, but rubbing alcohol works too. I clean and sanitize it and put it back into the little box it came with to store it. I can’t stress enough how diligent you have to be about cleaning and sanitizing!

I know it’s not for everyone, but I’ve found it to be super effective and I’m very happy with the results! Remember, I’m not a skincare expert and I can only tell you what I think about something based off of my own experiences. So if you’re thinking about microneedling, I urge you to do some extra research! Find articles, talk to your dermatologist, read reviews and figure out if it will work for you and your skin!


Photography by Drew Scott

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Currently Obsessed : Microneedling

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