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LIFESTYLE 1 year ago

3 Tips to Lose 5 lbs

Okay, hear me out: everybody and every body is beautiful. But, I think we could all stand to pick up a few healthier habits, right? And to clarify, these tips are NOT a way to lose weight in the long term, they are just ways I lose the excess water weight I tend to retain (which is generally always about 5lbs or so). I usually follow these steps before a big photo shoot, event, or if I’m walking a runway show. I do not do this all the time. Similarly, these tips are great ways to detox and an easy way to kick start a healthier lifestyle!

1. Juicing

In typical LA fashion, I LOVE juicing. When I know I’ve got a big shoot or event coming up, I’ll do my version of a juice detox for about three days. The first day, I will only drink juice. This really helps to flush out my system. (Read: I pee a lot which gets rid of my water weight and a bunch of toxins I’ve had stored up!) Day 2, I’ll drink juices throughout the day but have a super big and healthy dinner. And lastly, for Day 3, Ill have a little bit of both. If Im pressed for time and can’t pick up juices anywhere, Ill make my trusty detox smoothie!

2. Sweat House

I tried this for the first time about a month ago after hearing about a ton of celebrities and influencers doing it and let me just say, WOW. If you haven’t heard about it before it’s similar to a tanning bed but the whole point is to sweat sweat sweat it out. You put on a thick sweat suit (sweat pants + sweater), then you’re wrapped up like a burrito and you lay in the comfy bed and watch Youtube or Netflix while you get your sweat on! It’s similar to a being in a sauna. You manage to sweat out all the toxins in your body and leave feeling incredibly refreshed. I felt like a completely different person after!

3. Hot Yoga

I have a love/hate relationship with hot yoga. I hate it while it’s happening, but the second it’s over I’m so happy I did it! I mean, I’m all sweaty and gross afterward but I feel great. Everything about hot yoga is good for you. First, you get an amazing workout. Second, all that stretching is so good for you. And third, SWEAT! It’s good for your body, it’s good for you skin and anytime I do hot yoga I shed so much water weight.

Like I said before, these tips aren’t for long-term weight loss by any means. Do you have any healthy tips you do when trying to take a little weight off?


Photography by Drew Scott

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3 Tips to Lose 5 lbs

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