Motherhood 6 years ago

What's In My Baby Bag

Even after nearly two years of having Chloe, I feel like I’m always adding and editing the contents of my baby bag. As Chloe gets older, her interests start to change with her age. It feels like she needs so many different things now so I narrowed down my most current edition of what’s in my baby bag to share with you all for today’s Motherhood Monday! I hope you enjoy it!

I honestly believe that the baby bag itself is JUST as important as the contents it holds. It’s kind of like your purse.  You pick it out because it matches your style and works for what you need to carry around, right? Well, the same goes for your baby bag. Allen and I picked out this Honest Company Backpack because it’s big enough to carry anything we might need  It has an insulated pocket for juice or milk (which is a lifesaver when we travel) and it doesn’t even look like a baby bag! It’s also unisex so Allen doesn’t mind being on backpack duty!

So what lies inside? I like to keep the bare necessities packed and ready at all times, then add things in depending on what we’re doing that day. I always throw in snacks, the toy Chloe is currently loving, and an extra change of clothes for her (you really never know with a toddler).


1. Mini First Aid Kit
I love this one because it has everything I need plus it’s all organized in a cute little pouch!

2. Baby Fix It
This is great to use on any boo-boos. It calms down the cut or scrape and is all natural!

3. Weleda
Chloe has slight eczema and sensitive skin so this cream moisturizes while still being gentle.

4. Butt Paste
Great for diaper changes, and because of it, I’m proud to say Chloe has never gotten a diaper rash!

5. Sunscreen

I was introduced to ThinkBaby through my BFF Sara. This sunscreen is water resistant, not too thick, and has SPF 50!

6. Diapers & Wipes
Self-explanatory. I love the Babyganics diapers which I find at Target because they can hold the weight and are super absorbent. As for wipes, I love ones from the Honest Company. They’re super gentle to use on Chloe, and they’re also great to have on hand to clean up any messes.


1. Teddy Bear
She loves to cuddle when she falls asleep in the car!

2. Sticker Book
Give Chloe a sticker book and I’m pretty sure she’s the happiest girl on the planet.

3. Books 
Chloe loves to look at pictures for hours and hours.

4. Mouse in a Box
Have you seen her tuck them in to sleep on my Snapchat? I don’t know what it is about these mice in a box but Chloe can’t get enough!

5. Toy Cell Phone
We always pretend that Spongebob is calling!

6. Watercolor Color Book
The magic pen keeps the color on the page, and the color goes away after the water dries!




1. Foogo Insulated Water Bottle 
Keeps water cold for hours, which comes in handy during the summer months

2. Sweater & Leggings
An extra change of clothes is always great to have on hand. You never know when you might need it!

3. Mini Elastic Hair Ties

These little guys are great for tying up Chloe’s hair. The don’t tug or pull, but they keep her hair in place no matter how much she runs around.

4. Snacks
The On-the-Go squeeze bottles from Happybaby are so great for snack time. They come in tons of different flavors and they’re very clean so Chloe can eat while she’s in her car seat & I don’t have to worry about her making a mess! They’re also a great way for her to get her greens.

There you have it! Do you mommas have anything you swear by for your baby bag? Please let me know below! Happy Monday, everyone!


Photography by Jana Williams