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LIFESTYLE 1 year ago

The Five Apps You Need for 2017

If you’re anything at all like me, you probably rely on your phone for just about everything. Besides the obvious social media, my phone is my alarm, my notepad, my bank, my camera… basically, my entire life is synced up to my iPhone at this point. So, to kick off the year the right way, I wanted to share with you all the 5 apps you NEED for 2017. From finances to productivity, and keeping my entire family on track, these apps are truly lifesavers!

1. Mint App

If one of your goals for 2017 is to keep better track of your finances and manage your money, then you’re going to love the Mint app!  Take a little time to set it up and it can help you monitor credit cards, track your spending and even help you budget better!  You can thank me later! 😉

2. Cozi

Since I had Chloe, it’s crazy just how much I have to keep track of now. Between Chloe, Allen, work and myself, there’s a lot of dates and lists I need to keep in mind. Cozi is great for those of you that have families.  It really helps organize everyones appointments and calendars in one place! You can also create a grocery list, save a recipe, set reminders for appointments and so much more.



3. Depop

New Year. New Me. New Closet! If you have some items in your closet that have been sitting there for way too long, I’ve got just the app for your 2017 closet cleaning. Poshmark or Depop are easy apps to help you get rid of those items you don’t want to wear anymore- all while making a little money on the side (for you future closet purchases, of course)!

4. Venmo

This app is seriously a life saver.  If youre not on it yet, get with it. Everyone on the CINCteam is obsessed with it since its basically, a fun app to transfer money. Venmo hooks up to your bank account so if someone buys you coffee or lunch and you don’t have cash to pay them back- just Venmo them! Or visa-versa. One of the girls on my team even uses it to get rent money from her roommates!

5. Productive

Want to start a good habit in 2017 and actually keep it? Maybe you want to drink more water, get a better sleeping schedule going, or even commit to reading more? This app can help you do just that. It tracks your productivity habits and your daily goals and helps you keep yourself on the right track! Remember: it takes 21 days to form a habit, so start today!

There you have it! My 5 apps you need for 2017. Have you discovered any apps that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below & have a great weekend everyone!


Photography by Drew Scott

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The Five Apps You Need for 2017

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