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LIFESTYLE 2 years ago

The Ultimate Sleepover


When life gets crazy, sometimes all you need to do is throw on some really cute PJs and let loose with your closest girlfriends. I’ve partnered with Thakoon to throw some of the CINCteam girls and myself to the ultimate pajama party! After an especially crazy year, we decided to treat ourselves and end the year off right.

Our recipe for the perfect slumber party included a polaroid camera (to capture all of the fun memories), chic treats (macarons and rosé bubblies), fun card games and of course… matching PJ’s from Thakoon.

Between the super fun pink and navy Tulip print and the classic Chambray set, the girls and I kept swapping each other’s PJ’s because they were just too cute! My favorite was the Chambray Drawstring Pants and matching Chambray Pajama Top, Candice was loving the Tulip Cotton Pajama Top and the Tulip Cotton Drawstring Shorts and Hannah didn’t want to take off the Chambray Robe!

So when life starts to feel a little crazed, take the time to gather your girlfriends and have a little fun! You’re never too old for a fun sleepover with the girls! 



Photography by Karla Ticas

Video by Drew Scott

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The Ultimate Sleepover

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