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Merry Christmas from the #CINCTeam

Hey everyone! I hope you had an absolutely amazing Christmas (and Hanukkah!) weekend- I know I did. Though I’m still on vacation mode, the #CINCTeam wanted to say hi and introduce themselves! As you guys know, I have an amazing team behind me and I wouldn’t be able to dish out the amazing content you see on the blog and the channel without each and every one of them! So without further ado, here is #CINCteam!

Chriselle // Founder & Creative Director

I’m just a girl who never gave up, and now I have this amazing freaking team! It’s a true dream being able to create content for you guys every day. We love you and just wait for 2017 guys! We have some amazing things in store for you!

Lauren // Madam President

I am the President of Chriselle Inc. and the only member of the team that lives in NYC.  Chriselle and I have shared so much- when we first started out we shared an office in DTLA, our pregnancies and the births of our daughters (they are 6 weeks apart), and this durian fruit in Singapore (which I threw up… but Chriselle ate like a champ)! The #CINCteam keeps growing and I couldn’t be more proud of what we are accomplishing!

I love thinking about, talking about, and eating food.  The spicier, the better.



Laura // Boss Lady

I’m the Director of Operations, the one that makes sure the machine keeps moving! I’ve been working alongside Chriselle since the very beginning and have done it all at Chriselle Inc! From styling assistant, project manager, in-house therapist, photographer, producer, mama bear to the team, doctor-on-call, Chloe’s favorite auntie, hiring and firing person and so much more!

PS: I love inside jokes, dark chocolate and a good drink.



Idalia // Money Girl $

Hey everyone! Hope you all enjoy the holidays! Looking forward to all the things we’re cooking up in 2017. Thanks for all your love and support. X Idalia

Jane // Editoral Team

Hey fam! I’m Jane Park, the Editorial Director for TCF and the newest edition to the #CINCTeam! I help manage the site and triple check content to make sure everything is always 💯.  A few highlights about me: my fave music genre is R&B (because I’m from the BAY), I’ll never say no to a healthy glass of cab; that goes double for coffee – I will have coffee anytime, anyplace, anywhere (rain or shine). I also love to abbrev everything.

LIFE M.O.: “If you’re feelin’ it, you’re feelin’ it.”



Hannah // Editorial Team

Hey everyone! I’m 1/2 of the Editorial Team that helps bring you the amazing content you see on the blog.
I’m a self proclaimed social media & coffee addict. I have a thing for leather jackets, boy bands, lipstick, and my daily 3pm chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks.
I’m just a Los Angeles resident who left her heart in Paris, and her tacos (and family) in South Texas.



Candice // Video Team

Hey all! I work on making all the videos you see on the channel come alive! I’ve started off with #CINCteam as an intern and got hired 6 months after! It’s been so much fun creating beautiful and inspiring video content for you guys every week! More to come in the new year 😘

Timmy // Video Guy

Hi all! I help make the videos you see on the channel. It’s a lot of work but the girls make it easy. When I started, I never imagined I would end up filming Chriselle in the delivery room after she had Chloe. Interesting gig huh? Hope what we do continues to make y’all smile. Happy holidays 😬👍

Karla // Photo Girl

Hola, I’m Karla and I’m living the dream!  I’m a creative director for CINC Studios, editorial photographer for TCF, feline aficionado and a noctambulant with a wicked sense of humor.

Chris and I met years ago during our early years of hustle while on a shoe campaign. We fell in love and conceived the idea of launching a blog during a late night candlelit meeting over a glass of wine in 2009. The result? A beautiful, ambitious and inspirational baby girl named The Chriselle Factor. I’m so proud! Over the years I shot hundreds of campaigns for fashion and beauty companies, founded a boutique creative agency, adopted three kitties, traveled to the most beautiful beaches in the world and most recently got engaged to my soulmate. Life is good!





Drew // Photo Guy

Hello! I am one of the photographers taking the images you see here on the Chriselle Factor. I am quite fond of obscene amounts of throw pillows, anything Gucci and the word “fresh” (As you may be able to hear on Chriselle’s snapchat). Yes, an odd mix, but it seems to do the job. (Ps. Chloe likes me best)


PS: Did you guys know the #CINCteam has their own Instagram? Be sure to click HERE to follow along on our crazy adventures and see some awesome BTS moments!


Photography by Karla Ticas