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Beauty 2 years ago

Best New Fall Lipsticks

Incorporating fall hues into your look doesn’t necessarily mean buying an entirely new wardrobe. It can be as easy as swiping on a new lip before you head out the door! When I think fall, I think RED- weather it be a matte plum like this one, a bright red like this one, or an easy liquid lipstick like this one, a red lip is an autumn classic. Scroll down to shop my Fall Lipstick Edit!




A red lip has the tendency to be high maintenance, but here are some tips I use to make sure my bold lip stays on all day:

1. Exfoliate

Before you put on any lipstick (especially a dark color) make sure your lips are ready. You can buy a specific product to exfoliate your lips (like this one here) or you can DIY it by using a salve and an old toothbrush. Just apply a generous amount of the product to your lips and gently brush your lips with the toothbrush, then gently wipe the excess off. This will both hydrate and exfoliate your lips to prime them for your lipstick!

2. Line Your Lips

This step might not seem totally necessary, but trust me it makes all the difference. Take a lip liner in a similar shade to your lipstick of choice, (I’m loving these at the moment) outline your lips and blend it in. The lip liner acts as a barrier to prevent your lip color from bleeding!

3. Set & Go

The final step is to set your lipstick with a translucent powder. Again, I know it seems like an unnecessary step but it really helps keep that red pout picture perfect all day. And just in case, throw your lip color in your bag for touchups throughout the day. My secret weapon? If you have a matte lip on and it’s starting to dry your lips out, add a hydrating gloss to bring your lips back to life!

So are you going to paint the town red this fall? Let me know down below and have a happy first day of November!

PS: Can you believe it’s already November? Be sure to start saving up for those Black Friday Sales! 😉


Photography by Karla Ticas

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