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5 French Styling Tips Every Home Needs

Last week, we wrote out five steps to the perfect Parisian home. But even with all of the right basics, the secret to the impeccable pied-à-terre is in the sophisticated French styling. Here’s a continuation of last week’s article with the subtle details you need to prove you were born to live in Paris.

 1. Choose Brocade or Velvet Upholstery

Texture, texture, texture. The French embrace the formal luxury of rich fabrics like velvet. Try it out on the living room sofa or chair, or opt for a blue velvet for an extra majestic feel. Don’t forget that we have a full custom upholstery shop so you can experiment with different fabrics on your favorite silhouettes. 


2. Mix Classic and Contemporary Pieces

A truly chic French interior effortlessly blends Old World elegance with contemporary design. Choose classical statement pieces, like a tufted sofa or an oversized antique mirror, and then pepper in a few modern details, like an acrylic base or a sleek, matte metallic finish.  

3. The Chaise is a Must

This rule is pretty self-explanatory, but for the French, the bed is a sanctuary reserved for sleeping. So do your reading, Netflix binge-watching, and late night internet surfing on a relaxing chaise lounge. It’s a refined addition to any living room or bedroom space.

4. Add Whimsical, Modern Art

While the French are known for their very traditional architecture and design style, they’re also famous for their exploratory (and sometimes risqué) taste in art. Be playful with your art choices, and choose abstract or pop art pieces as a whimsical contrast to the rest of the room.


5. Layer in Curiosities

The reason we obsess over French apartments is probably because of the rich, textured, layered looks they carry. We are strong advocates for curated, layered looks here at Kathy Kuo Home, so our final French styling tip is to work in unique curiosities to fill out your shelves, consoles, coffee tables, or other home vignettes.


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