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Home / Decor 3 years ago

5 Steps to the Perfect Parisian Home

Bonjour from Paris! I’m in the city of lights and I’m so happy to be back. From meetings to shows and everything in between, I’m constantly getting inspired by the architecture here in the city, which makes me extra excited about this week’s Kathy Kuo post. It’s 5 Steps to the Perfect Parisian Home! Enjoy!

1. Paint the Walls White

Apartments in Paris are known to be dark and dimly lit, so make sure to paint your walls white to allow as much natural light into your space as possible. White walls also make a great backdrop to any ornate French decor. French interior design pays particular attention to architecture. Adding a trim or millwork to plain white walls is another great way to up your Parisian style. Très chic!

2. Hang a Grand Chandelier

Your home doesn’t have to be the Palace of Versailles to have some French flair. Hang a grand chandelier to add that iconic Parisian formality to your home. Tiered or traditional chandeliers with ornate features, like scrolling or filigree, work best. If it’s in the budget, you can even get a crystal chandelier for that “ooh la la” factor. Read more on our blog for how to hang a chandelier in your home.  

3. Buy Some Antiques

Whether it’s the brocantes in the streets of Paris or our own verified antique shop, French designers are constantly searching for unique finds. When selecting pieces and curiosities for your home, choose items that are one of a kind and representative of your personality. A personal touch makes the Parisian home. It’s also common for antique pieces to be mixed in and living next to modern pieces. Shop the look here

4. Add a Hint of Glamour

Glamour is a major component of French interior design, and it’s almost impossible to find a true Paris apartment without a touch of gold. Whether it’s a gilded frame or gold mirror, make sure every room shines.

5. Create Drama with Your Drapery

Every Parisian apartment needs a romantic element. What’s better than lush curtains that pillow and pool onto the floor. Heavy silks and linens are common choices. The drapery is also a great way to add color in your space, like a blush rose or sage green.  


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5 Steps to the Perfect Parisian Home

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