Paris Fashion Week 7 years ago

How to Wear Sequins During the Day

When I hear sequins, I think of two things. One, Las Vegas. Two, New Year’s Eve party dresses. But contrary to popular belief, you can absolutely wear sequins in the daytime! I wore this sequined blazer (similar here) for the gorgeous Armani Prive show during Paris Haute Couture week. The show itself was to die for. With black velvet, deco prints, plunging necklines and the perfect hints of shimmer and even feathers, it was like watching art float down the runway.

The trick to incorporating sequins during the day is to offset it with more casual pieces, like I did with my go-to pair of flared Nobody Denim jeans. Because the blazer is such a statement piece, this knit tank and black and white Derek Lam heels (similar here) acted as the perfect neutrals. After the gloomy days, my team and I had in Paris, the day of the Armani show was bright and sunny and it was so gorgeous to watch this blazer shine in the light.

Have you ever worn sequins during the day? My tip is to start out small, like a bag or shoes. Then you can gradually work your way up to a blazer like this one or a skirt like this!


Photography by Hana Le Van