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June Empties

This past month was about the skin. The products that I used constantly were some amazing creams, face oils, and lip masks and if you keep up with me on snapchat then you know serums and oils are totally my thing. I make sure my nightly routine is filled with products that feed and nourish my skin before I sleep for the night. So I’m so excited to share my June Empties!

1. Lineage Lip Sleeping Mask

As I have mentioned before I love love love moisturizing my lips before bed. You might recognize this Lineage Lip Sleeping Mask from my in-flight beauty snapchats! It smells amazingly sweet and definitely gives my lips some amazing hydration. I use my finger to massage it onto my lips, and if I have any extra, I rub it into my cuticles! It also comes in a cute little pink jar making it a sweet little bedside necessity!

2. Darphin Exquisâge Crème

I love a product that protects, strengthens, and moisturizes and the Darphin Exquisâge Crème does it all! It brings out my skin’s elasticity making it look firmer and feel softer. It also adds a beautiful glow to my skin, so if you’re in search for the perfect creme, I definitely recommend this one from Darphin!

3. Biossance The Nourisher

This is another product you might remember from my snapchats! The Biossance ‘The Nourisher’ face oil has been incredibly nourishing and protective to my skin. It smells amazing and I can honestly say I don’t know what I did without it! If you’re thinking about adding an oil to your skincare routine, this is the one to buy!

4. Biossance The Revitalizer

Biossance The Revitalizer is a head-to-toe 100% plant-derived moisturizer that has changed my world! Do you want to know how friendly this product is? It’s non-toxic, fragrance-free, paraben free, phthalate free, mineral oil-free, non-comedogenic, AND hypoallergenic! This all over moisturizer is perfect for your face your hands and everything in between! Thank you Biossance! 

5. Black Rose Sisley Face Oil

More rose oil please! The Black Rose Sisley Face Oil is perfect for dry skin. It’s anti-aging, nourishing, and makes your face feel wonderfully smooth. It has omega 3 and 6 plus the delicate smell of black rose is like heaven on your face. 

6. Lumière Bio-Resorptive Eye Cream

Brighten and tighten those beautiful eyes! For someone who struggles with her under-eyes, I can’t get enough of this Lumière bio-resorptive eye cream. It reduces puffiness and helps aging skin and is incredibly hydrating. It’s a total must-have for me!

7. Caudalíe Vinosource

I honestly can’t recommend Caudalíe Vinosource enough! This serum restores moisture and leaves my face so soft I couldn’t stop touching it! It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin which is amazing. I put it on morning and night. The formula is super light and absorbs into your skin almost immediately, so this is perfect for those of you who don’t like anything too thick.

There you have it, My June empties! Be sure to check out my previous empties posts here and here. What skincare products have you been loving this month?


Photography by Drew Scott