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Outfits 3 years ago

5 Ways to Make a Simple Outfit Next Level

In the mist of the madness of New York fashion week, my team and I decided to work out of Brooklyn one of those day. It’s a town we’ve been hearing a lot about (seems like everyone lives there now a days), so naturally we wanted to go check it out! Besides the fact that we discovered the best ramen spot in town, (check out my NYC city guide here) I fell in love with the brownstone lined streets. The neighborhood is so quaint & peaceful. If I were to ever move out to NY, Brooklyn would definitely be on top of my list. During fashion month, all I want to wear when I’m not going to shows is a big comfy knitted sweater and a pair of jeans. So that’s exactly what I did on my days off! It’s a basic but not so basic outfit as there are many details I’m completely obsessed with here. Here are my 5 Ways to make a simple outfit next level!

1. Color me Accessorized

If you’re like me and usually stick to the neutrals and monochrome looks, it’s important to remember that a little bit of color never hurts. Use your purse as a way to inject some color and personality to your look! I recently got my hands on this gorgeous Chloe purse and the colorful fringe adds a lot of character & personality to my simple wardrobe.

2. Neck-ccessorize!

I haven’t been wearing much heavy jewelry lately but have been really playing it up with my neck accessories. I usually never leave the house without a black choker on (as seen here), but I’ve also been playing with little square scarves/bandanas. This is most practical during the colder months, but I’ve also been rocking this look in the middle of the summer heat back in Cali (as seen HERE)!

3. Go Great (mid)Lengths!

Booties are always a great option, but try rocking a pair of mid calf boots! It’s a bit of an awkward length but awkward lengths are having kind of a moment right now. As you can see from the hem of my jeans. Yup, high water jeans are totally in, and I’m totally obsessed with them! The ones I’m wearing are from MOTHER and the booties are from Tory Burch. I wore the booties to her show and fell in love with them. I love the thick heels and the length of these booties!

4. Layer me Lovely

Turtlenecks are great for the obvious reasons, like keeping you warm, but layering a fitted black turtleneck can literally take your outfit from basic b*tch to fashion queen! If you don’t believe me … watch my video HERE.

5. Let it Hang

I know this may sound weird and this may or may not be a trend for you to try, but obnoxiously large & oversized sleeves are having a moment. ManRepeller recently wrote about oversized cuffs being a thing this season (as seen HERE), and as strange as it may sound … it’s happening. And I love it! Fashion is quite strange sometimes isn’t it? Here I’m wearing a camel Bree Layne (Similar HERE) sweater with over extended arms but I’m just, you know … letting them hang! A trend that is actually multi functional during the winters since they also keep my hands warm!

So the next time you’re having a basic jeans & tee kinda day, I hope that you will think of me and try to incorporate one, two or all of these tips! Let me know if you have any fun tips for dressing up your simple outfit! Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to follow along on snapchat & instagram (@chrisellelim) as my team and I rock Paris Fashion Week!


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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5 Ways to Make a Simple Outfit Next Level

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