Empties 6 years ago

November & December Empties

Nothing says that you love a product more than using it to its last drop. We all have those creams and serums that we’ve held upside down and begged gravity to give us just a little bit more. That’s why I love doing empties posts! It’s like I get to honor the great products I’ve used throughout the last few months. From Chloe’s favorite bubble bath to a cream that I used every day and night, my November and December empties are truly amazing.

1. Chloe's Bubble Bath

Bath time with Chloe is one of my favorite times with her, and this bubble bath makes it all the more special. Clo-Clo loves her bubbles! It has a light orange and vanilla scent and has huge bubbles without the harsh chemicals. What’s not to love?

2. Skin Renewal Cream

You might remember this cream from this post here and I’m happy to say I used it to its last drop! The second you pat this gel cream down into your skin it feels tighter. The super light formula is aimed to help make your skin look extra radiant as well as firm and smooth. The creme is super hydrating and works for all skin types.

2. Daily Serum

This serum has absolutely found its way into my skin care routine. It’s super lightweight so I don’t mind putting it on in the mornings before my makeup, plus it’s great for anti-aging. You can never start too early!

3. Renewing Eye Cream

To me, finding a good eye cream is vital to my skin care routine. Some of the first signs of aging come from your eyes, so it’s important that I take extra good care of them. This cream is hydrating, tightening and leaves my eyes feeling completely revitalized. You should have seen me try to scrape the leftover cream from the jar the other night!

4. Multi-Active Day Cream

Finally finding a day cream is great, but finding one that has SPF, fights signs of stress, AND lack of sleep is amazing. It visibly smooths, and visibly boosts radiance! This is one of those creams you can wear on a no-make-up day and still feel awake.

There you have it! My November and December empties! Do you have any products you’ve completely emptied? Let me know below!


Photography by Drew Scott