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4 Mirror Styles Every Home Needs

Besides checking your outfit and your makeup, a good mirror is a home decor must. From bringing in light to making a space appear larger, I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to show us the 4 mirror styles every home needs! Be sure to check out Kathy’s most recent posts here and here!

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1. The Antique

Do you love that refined vintage vibe or that Hollywood flair? An antique mirror is a great way to add character to a space. Antique is a term used to describe mirrors that have coatings or tints that make a mirror appear as if it has deteriorated with age, and they typically feature ornate frames, dark edges, and distressed patches. There are several ways to style antique mirrors: They can be flanked by a pair of sconces or serve as the room’s focal point. They also are easy to blend into multiple design styles. Place an antique mirror above a fireplace or piano for a rich classical look, or place one above a modern media cabinet or office desk for a textured, eclectic style that brings together old and new.

left image via House Beautiful
right image via House Beautiful

2. The Baroque

Don’t be afraid to add a little luxury and drama to your home. Baroque mirrors are heavily carved and decorated, and they typically feature pediments, flowers, or cherubs in their intricate, gilded siding. We love a baroque mirror in a traditional home, but they also work surprisingly well with modern pieces because they offer a surprising,  but soft and elegant juxtaposition.

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3. The Starburst

Add a fresh update to your space that’ll make your home shine. Starburst mirrors radiate in almost any design style, and their popularity is due to their versatility. The structured look of starburst mirrors makes them perfect for the more traditional Hollywood Regency or Modern Classic home, but their playful shape and pop let them serve as an exclamation point on a contemporary design too!

 left image via  www.kathykuohome.com
right image via www.kathykuohome.com

4. The Contemporary

For the more modern and whimsical, try a contemporary mirror, which is known for its clean appearance, interesting contours, and use of modern materials (like acrylic, wood, or hide). These mirrors vary in style from art deco to Scandinavian, and they’re great for updating a traditional space, like the entryway or living room.