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5 Tips for a Chic & Elegant Nursery

There’s nothing more exciting that getting your nursery ready for your new bundle of joy! So I’m so happy to have Kathy Kuo (a fellow mommy!) give us her tips for a chic & elegant nursery! Check out her latest posts here and here!

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1.    Gender Neutral Hues. 

Think outside of “blue is for boys, pink is for girls.” Our favorite nursery color choice recently is a soft, modern grey. Grey is timeless and a classic color that looks soft and inviting for all genders. It also works well with any accent color you pick, and it creates a nursery environment that’s peaceful and relaxing while still looking elevated and luxurious.

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2.    Pattern is Essential.

Regardless of what color you choose to paint the nursery, it’s very important to insert bold colors and pattern into the room. In fact, studies show that pastels (while pretty) are not very engaging for the baby. Use contrasting colors like black and white stripes or bold graphic patterns in a strong color to encourage visual development. Not only is it good for the baby, but it looks great! Some of our favorite places to incorporate pattern are the walls or upholstery. We’ve written about wallpapering ceilings, and this design tip is another thought to keep in mind for nurseries. Think about how much time babies are on their backs looking up!

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3.    Use Dimmer Lights. 

A nursery requires several different moods. You want a space that’s light and bright in the mornings for when you’re getting them dressed and changing diapers, but you also want soft and dim lighting for when you’re rocking the baby to sleep and need a soothing atmosphere for bedtime. Adding a dimmer is a quick and efficient way to do just that at a minimal cost!

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4.    Furniture They Can Grow Into.

Choose furniture that can be used beyond the baby’s first year. Nowadays you can buy cribs that can convert into a kids bed. Instead of a changing table, opt for a beautiful dresser they can use when they grow up and use a detachable dressing table top for their early years. And don’t forget to keep plenty of open floor space and add some fun elements (such as a rocking horse) for when the baby grows into a toddler.

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5.    Don’t Forget Yourself.

This is probably one of the most common nursery mistakes we see. As parents, we are so concerned about getting everything right for the baby that we forget to incorporate furniture for ourselves! Make sure to include comfortable seating like a sofa or daybed in addition to a chair or rocker that makes it easy for feeding the baby and encourage mom and dad to take a nap sometimes too!

1 – Hand Painted Vintage Jungle Wallpaper

2 – Grey Linen and Wood Armchair

3 – Antique Storage Box on Casters

4 – Vintage Wall Art

5 – Baby Owl Sculpture

6 – White Table Lamp

7 – Silver Leaf Mirror

8 – Bone Inlay Dresser

9 – Blue Velvet Chaise

10 – Faux Fur Ottoman