LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

Chloe & Me

Happy Friday and a very happy Mother’s Day weekend to all of you moms out there! This is officially my second Mother’s Day but for some reason, this time around it seems more real. Last year Chloe was only 4 months old so I was definitely still in the whole transitional phase of it all. It’s been officially 15 months and 5 days since I’ve become a mom, and boy has it been the most incredible (and emotional) ride ever. There is absolutely nothing that compares to motherhood, and it’s still so surreal to be able to wake up every day knowing that there is a little munchkin that I can call all my own. The feeling of warmth and love when she looks up at me and smiles is indescribable. 

It’s also interesting being able to celebrate Mother’s Day as a daughter and now a mom as well. Being able to experience both sides allows me to not only appreciate my mom so much more but also understand her on a whole new level. My mom has always been my biggest inspiration and role model growing up and still is to this day. She sacrificed her entire life and career for me and my sister to be a full-time stay at home mommy. I never understood how big of a sacrifice that was until I had my own daughter. Even when I had Chloe she immediately flew down to LA to be with me for a whole 3 months. Being the recipient of that kind of love gives me the energy and strength to give more of my own. 

Now whether you’re a working mom or a stay at home mom none of it is easy, but I think we can all agree that it is the most rewarding job out there. Whether you are in the grind every day to bring home that bread for your family or you’re at home with your little ones (and trust me being at home all day with the little ones is not an easy either) the one common thread between all of us moms is that we are all doing our best. We may all have different circumstances but we’re all trying to give our little ones the best lives and opportunities that we can. And I’ll be the first one to say that it’s not easy so all of you mamas out there should be proud of yourselves! 

I have been incredibly challenged this year and stretched beyond my limits, but because of that, my heart has been stretched as well. I am now able to take in more love and give more of it to others. Being a mother is a gift and has been by far the biggest opportunity that I have been given. So whether it be yourself, your own mom, or even a friend … take the time this weekend to tell them how much you appreciate and respect them. A very Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and of course to my very own Umma. I love you! 


Photography by Karen Rosalie