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Naturally Chic (Bringing the Outdoors In)

When decorating your home, bringing the outdoors in takes a lot more than just a few house plants. I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to give us her tips and tricks to make your home naturally chic! Be sure to check out Kathy’s other posts here and here! Hope you enjoy!

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Spring is in the air, and in the world of interiors, this means it’s time to start your spring cleaning and give your home an instant refresh. One of our favorite ways to breathe life into a space for the spring season is to take natural elements from the outdoors and incorporate them into your interiors. Adding greenery and natural elements to the home will make your space feel inviting and organic. Here are our tips on how to make your space naturally chic!

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1. Use Natural Fibers

Wicker, rattan, hemp, and jute are all furniture materials that are comfortable, chic, and reminiscent of the outdoors without looking like patio furniture. For your decor, baskets, rugs, and even lamps are great places to include natural textiles for a relaxing environment. Read our textile and fabric guide to learn even more about natural materials and how to use them.

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2. Choose Natural Flooring

If you’re planning on doing any large home renovation projects this spring (and NOW is the time to do them, before it gets too hot), consider all-natural flooring instead of man-made floors. Wood, cork, and bamboo are all flooring materials that feel warm and inviting underfoot due to their organic elements.

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3. Cue the Senses

You may know that smell is the sense that best recalls memories and experiences, so one of the best ways to get that outdoor feel is to entice the olfactory system with a woody incense for the sitting room or a floral potpourri in the bathroom. Using fruits and vegetables as decor is also a trend we’re seeing make a comeback this spring, and lemon, limes, and mint are a great way to add a burst of color to your kitchen while also contributing a fresh citrus-y aroma.

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4. Let There Be Light

Sunlight is nature’s free gift to interior designers; it makes a space glow, and its vitamin D makes us as humans feel healthy and happy. To maximize the sunlight you have, replace any heavy drapes you had up for the winter with light fabrics or sheers.  You can also place a mirror across from your windows to circulate light around a room. And lastly, make sure your windows have unobscured views by clearing away any overgrown bushes.

image via Kathy Kuo Home

5. Go Big (We’re Talking Trees)

We left the most obvious tip for last: the best way to bring the outdoors in is to literally bring the outdoors in. Green plants and succulents add a rich, earthy vibe to your home, while bright flowers, like peonies or hydrangeas, offer a burst of energy and color. These are all great options, but this year we’re seeing even bigger plant life being brought inside with small trees like dracaenas, money trees, and fiddle leaf figs. Our personal favorite? A dwarf lemon tree (or any other citrus) for the kitchen is just beyond adorable!