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Blushing Over Pink

When it comes to decorating, as well as dressing, you all know how much I love neutral colors. But I think it’s time to shake things up! Recently I’ve been loving the color pink, particularly blush pink. I feel like it’s still the same pink I’ve always loved, but a bit more mature. Today Kathy is showing us how to incorporate into our homes! Her tips are sure to leave you blushing over pink! Enjoy!

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When you think of pink for interior design, you might think of a little girl’s room reminiscent of a Barbie’s Dream House. But pink can be so much more than a color for a nursery or kids room! Do it right, and pink is uplifting, sophisticated, and it can even be sexy. The color adds a layer of thoughtfulness and delicacy to your color palette for a look that is fresh, feminine, and fun! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite pink rooms and tips for decorating with pink in a way that’s mature and elegant.

1. A Sweet Surprise

Adding pink to your room as a pop of color really makes a statement in your home. It’s fun and playful, and it livens any space with a burst of positive energy. Use pink as an accent wall color for a great contrasting element, or if you’re feeling bold, choose a pink sofa as an unexpected focal point. When choosing a shade, softer and paler pinks work best for most interiors (rosy pinks, influenced by Pantone’s Color of the Year “Rose Quartz,” are the current favorites we’re seeing). However, hot pinks can be used in more modern and glamorous looks.

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2. Pair with Metals

Mix in some metallic hues to make your pinks look a little more sophisticated. The resonance of a gold or silver shine counterbalances the brightness innate to pink. Need help getting the perfect color harmony? Read our article on mixing metals we contributed a few weeks back! It’s also fun to consider pink as your metal. Rose gold pendants look so darling in all-white kitchens!

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3. Pink and Plush

If your design aesthetic doesn’t quite call for a pink overhaul, pink is still one of our favorite options for an accent pillow. It adds just the right amount of color on an all-white sofa. Or, upholster your chairs to add vivid color to your living or dining room. Just a touch of pink can add a layer of luxury. For example, adding pink floor-length drapes is another easy way to elevate your look.

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4. The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Pink flowers (our favorites are peonies or hydrangeas) are the ideal accent decor a neutral space. They breathe life into a room and offer a splash of color that keeps a neutral surroundings looking fresh and dynamic. We love fresh florals in a French feminine environment. Read more on the French feminine look on our blog.

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