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Five Tips for a Light and Dreamy Bedroom

As much as I love traveling, there’s just something amazing about going home and crawling into your own bed. My bedroom is my sanctuary, and it’s very important to me that it’s relaxing and welcoming. So I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo give us her five tips for a light and dreamy bedroom!

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1. Bright Walls:

White walls are a timeless staple that never go out of style in interior design. The reason? They are clean, simple, elegant, and they serve as the perfect canvas without detracting from your other decor. White walls also radiate the natural light from outside. All of that said, white is not your only color option for a bright, ethereal room. Icy blues, minty greens and other muted, neutral colors from nature can achieve a bright space—just make sure to keep the woodwork white to balance the colors. If you need help finding a palette, we highly recommend the gorgeous selections from Farrow & Ball (their “all-white” color is a KKH go-to).

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2. A Touch of Color:

To make your room a little bit more textured, throw in a cheery pop of color that will catch the eye and illuminate the space. Blue is one of our absolute favorite accent colors for a bright bedroom as it adds a coolness and sense of serenity. Stick to accent decor for your colors, like a beautiful table lamp or a wooden tray.

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3. Natural Light:

The key to any bright and airy bedroom is light. Let in as much natural light as you can, and avoid heavy blinds or curtains for the windows. Similar to walls, keep your furniture white or light if you can, and choose thin, modern pieces to eliminate any bulkiness from the room. If you strongly prefer dark furniture, choose a bold black piece to give stark contrast to the rest of the room. The goal is to create as much visual space as possible for natural light, so even a light spring cleaning to get rid of clutter can make all of the difference.

4. Mirror Magic:

Choose a great mirror for your room. This is a great trick that will open up your space, spread out the light, and make your room appear larger. Mirrors also make a great focal piece for the bedroom when placed above the headboard. Be careful not to place your mirror directly in front of your bed, window, or anywhere else that may create a glare or awkward reflection.

image via kathykuohome.com

5. Dramatic Drapery:

The finishing touch for a light and dreamy bedroom is stunning drapes. They’re the picturesque element that’ll just take your breath away. Try a canopy bed or floor-length drapes if you have high ceilings. Because drapes are heavy and rich in material, make sure to have them tied back with sheer curtains underneath for a maximum light and airy look. Lightweight fabrics, like cotton or linen, work best to achieve a dreamy aesthetic.

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