Outfits 8 years ago

Visiting the Acropolis


The 48 hours I spent in Greece had quite a jam-packed schedule, leaving very little time for exploring. We went for a very special project .. to be revealed next year! Although we didn’t have much free time, luckily we did get to squeeze into a visit to the Acropolis! We decided to go super early and it was great because there was no one there. A tip for all you travelers: visit the big monuments in the morning because none of the tourists will be there!

When packing for Greece, I found the weather forecast to be quite confusing. I’ve already been to Greece three times and every time I’ve gone, it’s been super hot because I go in the summer. I was totally thrown off on what to pack for winter in Greece! I packed everything from summer maxi-dresses to a thick winter coat. A friend of mine told me to bring a puffer jacket because it was supposed to be freezing and I wanted to be prepared for the worst. Luckily the two days I was in Greece it was pleasantly sunny!

I wore this long fringe tunic from Antic Batik. It’s short enough to wear as a dress but I paired it with jeans and of course the Chloe boots for an edgier look. (I know, I’ve been wearing these Chloe boots practically every day but hey, when you buy boots from Paris you have to wear them all the time right?) On top of that, I wore my Antic Batik textured jacket to complete the look. I find that adding black accessories to a look can make anything look a bit more polished. So even though this top is very free-flowing, I put my city edge to it when exploring the city of Athens! I love Antic Batik’s pieces because the aesthetic of the line is very bohemian and free spirited. Although I am a city girl, I like to wear bohemian pieces to remind me to be more effortless and free-spirited in life!


Photography by Karen Rosalie